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“I have an autoimmune condition, so my PCP put me on methotrexate. When I saw a rheumatologist, he said I shouldn’t be taking that because it’d be very toxic to the fetus if I got pregnant. I informed him that I knew and was in a long-term, monogamous relationship with my boyfriend, who got a vasectomy after I had an ectopic pregnancy while on birth control. He then asked if I was married. When I said no, he replied, ‘If you’re not married, you might find another boyfriend and get pregnant.'”

“There’s so much wrong with that. Plenty of marriages end in divorce, and plenty of married people cheat anyway. A marriage certificate shouldn’t be necessary to legitimize your relationship. 

Anyway, he refused to write me a script for methotrexate and put me on Plaquenil. As it turns out, I’m highly allergic to Plaquenil. I had a full-body rash and was so itchy I could hardly stand it. I then learned that the medication has an extremely long half-life, like 45 days. For two months, I had to take Benadryl or hydroxyzine and could barely function.

It’s not the rheumatologist’s fault that I had a very rare allergic reaction, but he wouldn’t give me the medication I was happy with and knew worked because I wasn’t married and assumed I’d be going through boyfriends. I could’ve avoided the misery of having hives for two months if the rheumatologist — whom I never went back to — wasn’t a misogynist.” 


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