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The new official trailer for drama series Swarm shows superfan Dre in a full-on chaotic downward spiral over a pop star.

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It’s been some time since we last had a truly riveting cinematic horror story that dives straight down the rabbit hole of obsessive fandom and doesn’t look back; likely since the days of Stephen King’s Misery (1990), with Kathy Bates terrifying theater audiences. However, a new series has finally risen to the occasion in quite the timely fashion, with mediums like social media amplifying any manner of powerful celebrity fandoms a hundred-fold. Swarm, a new horror thriller by Amazon Prime Originals, is the modern telling of a young woman whose unhealthy obsession with a Beyonce-esque pop singer turns deadly. Per a report from Collider, the new official trailer for the series has dropped, giving us a deeper look at Dre’s journey into madness.

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Swarm, set as a seven episode series, is the latest directorial endeavor from Donald Glover and Janine Nabers, who last co-executive produced the Atlanta series. Nabers co-wrote the series with Jamal Olori. With two creative figureheads at the helm, the series is garnering a huge amount of anticipation ahead of its premiere. The series stars Dominique Fishback as Dre the superfan gone bad. Alongside her are Chlöe Bailey as Dre’s sister Marissa, and Damson Idris as Marissa’s boyfriend, Khalid. Guest stars include Rory Culkin, Paris Jackson, Byron Bowers, and Kiersey Clemons.

New Trailer Shows Just How Deep Obsession Can Cut

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The trailer opens with Dre (Dominique Fishback) and her sister Marissa (Chlöe Bailey) talking about mega pop star Ni’jah, who bears a very strong resemblance to real life singer Beyonce. Dre frequents a ‘Swarm’ account on social media, which revolves around anything and everything related to the singer. Dre briefly narrates the words, “She’s not like everybody else. She knows what we’re thinking, and she gives it a name. She’s a goddess.” This alludes to her obsession, which leads her to take out a new credit card just to pay for $1,800 front row concert tickets.

Her family starts to distance themselves and a personal tragedy only makes things worse, her later being escorted out of a funeral. She spends day and night in bed, screaming into her pillows, her behavior becoming more erratic. The trailer gives off strong Jordan Peele vibes, all while building to a frenzied peak as she presumably takes her first life, earning her the name “killer bee” by an unsuspecting bystander. The deeper she spirals, the more the bodies pile up as she hops from club to club, hanging out with peculiar crowds and inviting new victims back to her home. Just how far she’ll go by the end of the seventh episode remains to be seen, and whether she’ll ever be caught, but directors Glover and Nabers certainly promise one hell of a ride.

Swarm will first premiere at the SXSW festival before heading exclusively to Amazon Prime Video on March 17. Watch the new trailer below.


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