Star Trek Showcases Sisko’s God Powers as New Era Begins


Warning: Contains a preview for Star Trek #1.Star Trek has always been about going “where no one has gone before,” and in the new IDW series, Star Trek, Deep Space Nine’s Captain Benjamin Sisko is taking that line to the next level. Sisko has returned from his time among the Bajoran Prophets, and now he’s on a literal mission from the gods. However, he’s seems to be a little more than human himself these days.

Before his disappearance Sisko was one of the most respected and decorated Starfleet officers of his time. He not only commanded the Federation outpost of Deep Space Nine, led the war effort against the Dominion, and brought Bajor into the Federation, but he was also the Emissary of the Prophets, the powerful and incorporeal beings who live inside the wormhole adjacent to the station. In that role Sisko was often given visions and guidance, and was taken by the prophets to live in their celestial temple at the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Now, he’s coming back and there’s a whole new war looming on the horizon.


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IDW Publishing’s new Star Trek comic series is picking up three years after the end of the Dominion War, and three years after Sisko left to join the prophets. Written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly and with art by Ramon Rosanas, the series will see Sisko get a new ship, a new purpose, and a few new powers. In a released synopsis for the Star Trek sequel series by IDW, it’s been revealed that DS9’s captain will have “omnipotent” power, but the longer he stays on the human plane of existence, the more his powers will fade. Ramon Rosanas gave fans a preview of this new power and limitations on Twitter.

The World Has Forgotten About Benjamin Sisko

The preview reveals that the Federation is getting back to normal after the defeat of the Dominion, and most people would sooner forget the war and the man who was most associated with it, Benjamin Sisko. This has left his son Jake feeling more than a little frustrated and abandoned. Not only has Star Trek’s most underrated captain disappeared, but it seems like the memory of him and his accomplishments are being forgotten. Then he hears his father’s voice. The first panel of the comic shows a resplendent Sisko, surrounded by swirling light and wormhole-like clouds shining out to the stars. He speaks his son’s name and returns to his human form, but not before uttering a warning. “There’s a tide coming. Everything drowns. Everything will drown.” Sisko ends with saying that the Prophets have sent him to “Hephaestus,” but has no clue what it means.

With this cryptic message Star Trek #1 is off and running. IDW Publishing has said that Sisko will have powers granted to him by the Prophets, which he will need in this coming war of gods. But, as his powers fades will he be able to avert the coming tide? The creative team is promising fans a truly epic and amazing journey for the Sisko and the ragtag crew of his new ship, the USS Theseus. His reappearance is just the beginning of the suprises that fans can expect from Captain Benjamin Sisko and this newest chapter of Star Trek lore.

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Star Trek #1 is coming from IDW Publishing October 26.

Sources: Ramon Rosanas


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