Ryan Reynolds Comedically Courts A Surprising Recruit For His Soccer Team


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Ryan Reynolds is really the gift that keeps on giving. Whether he’s making a joke, making us laugh, or making the next Deadpool — Reynolds is unlike anyone working in entertainment today, and it’s not just the movies that he’s been tackling. Yes, that was a soccer pun. Yes, it was horrible.

As many may now know, Ryan Reynolds is also the proud co-owner of Wales soccer (fútbol for you purists out there) team Wrexham A.F.C with Always Sunny and Mythic Quest star Rob McElhenney. Always looking for fresh talent, after seeing another Hollywood goofball’s social media post — Reynolds might be drafting up a new player contract.

Please tell me you also play ⚽️ and are willing to move to Wales.

— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) March 29, 2023

On its own, Ben Schwartz’s latest Twitter post is one of the more wholesome bits of content we’ve seen in recent memory. Watching anyone fulfill a lifelong dream is always fun, but seeing them do it at Madison Square Garden is even more exciting.

Not to mention the fact that after seeing the video above, one thing is abundantly clear; Ben Schwartz can ball. The guy has got some serious handles, a smooth strap, and can eve hit the reverse layup at will. Not bad Ben, not bad at all.

Ryan Reynolds clearly knows talent when he sees it, and to even jokingly offer Schwartz a spot on his team is hilarious to think about. With that in mind, we certainly hope Ben gets to make it to one of Wrexham’s games in the future, as a supporter if anything else.

Whether or not Schwartz can transfer is basketball acumen into soccer remains to be seen, but we’d like to think that with a little luck he could be exactly what the team is looking for next season.


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