Queen Latifah and Ludacris Run For Their Lives in the First Trailer for Netflix’s End of the Road


Queen Latifah embarks on a move across the country in the latest trailer for End of the Road. The Netflix film will surely make viewers’ hearts race as Brenda (Latifah) and her family are mercilessly hunted down by a murderer who wants his money returned. The thriller centers on Brenda, a widow who recently lost her job and decided to move across the country with her children and brother to begin a new life. The official description from Netflix reads:

Queen Latifah and Chris Bridges (Ludacris) star in this road trip thriller about a mom of two kids who relocates across the country with her kids and brother. The family’s move to the southland is thrown into complete chaos when they witness a murder on their road trip. Now, the murderer will stop at nothing to find them.

As the trailer begins, we see Brenda’s family traveling across vast expanses of open land, making a trip across the country to Houston, Texas. Her children don’t seem happy about the move, but Brenda is doing her best to keep her traveling posse in a good mood. Unfortunately, their drive takes a turn for the worst when they arrive at a roadside motel only to find a man murdered in the room adjacent to them. When Brenda’s brother picks up a bag of drug money, a story similar to No Country for Old Men ensues.


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End of the Road comes from a screenplay by David Loughery, based on the original script by Christopher Moore. Millicent Shelton is set to helm the film, with previous work including 30 Rock, Run the World, and Titans. The Netflix film will star Queen Latifah, Beau Bridges, Ludacris, Shaun Dixon, Mychala Lee, Francis Lee McCain, and Jesse Luken. End of the Road will arrive on the streaming service next month on Sept 9.

Director Millicent Shelton Says End of the Road is Very Unique


Millicent Shelton is quite proud of her work on End of the Road, telling ESSENCE Magazine they created a ‘new genre of film’ with the movie. The director has found success in countless television shows; however, she’s looking to make her mark in feature films with the upcoming Netflix release.

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“When I initially read the script, I knew I needed to portray this family as a regular middle-class family but also emphasize their experiences as a Black family traveling through the South. We really wanted to hone into the truth of that experience by making it relatable to what really happens in African-American lives in the United States. Through all these trials, struggles, and tribulations, the family still has fun and love for one another which bonds them. In the end, we created a new genre of film with End of the Road. It’s a family-based action road trip thriller movie. Having that combination of action and the heart of a family makes it really special.”

A family-based action road trip thriller is quite the mixture, and Shelton will have to delicately juggle all of those genres if she hopes to create a successful film. Audiences can see the director’s work alongside Queen Latifah and Ludacris when End of the Road releases on Netflix next month, on Sept 9.


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