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Prince Harry’s future with Archie, Lilibet ‘at huge risk’?

Fears surrounding Prince Harry being kicked out of the US without Meghan Markle or his kids has sparked a massive frenzy.

Royal author and commentator Angela Levin shared these warnings regarding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Warnings and insights into the reality behind closed doors has been brought to light by royal commentator and author Angela Levin.

She weighed in on the dangers of having everything ‘hanging the balance’ in her published piece for Sky News Australia.

She started off by casting a veil of confusion onto the couple’s future ventures after Spotify.

Ms Levin warns, “The Sussexes’ deal with Netflix is now said to be in a precarious position, with Meghan reportedly holed away at home working on a feminist prequel of Dickens’ Great Expectations called Bad Manners.”

But the main crux of the fears reportedly revolve around Harry’s future in the US since many experts wonder whether he will be “allowed back into America after admitting he has taken illegal drugs? Will he even try and when will he see his children?” she even asked in the middle of the piece.

Before concluding Ms Levin also went as far as to add how, “Much like their engagement with Netflix, Harry and Meghan’s future may be hanging in the balance,” now because of these fears, and many more. 

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