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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are allegedly in need of a major shakeup, experts warn.

Tips and pieces of advice for the Sussexes have been shared by the owner of Jane Owen Public Relations Inc, Jane Owens.

She shared everything while sitting down for an interview alongside the Mirror US.

In the midst of the interview, she started by referencing the couple’s Netflix series and admitted, “I think that the fact that it wasn’t even nominated shows that the Emmys look at more than just press hits.”

She even slipped in some pearls of wisdom for Meghan and admitted, “If they want to be taken seriously they need to work harder in general and they need to start working on projects that are more than just another story about themselves and something more complex than a ‘pop documentary series’.”

Especially since “They [Harry and Meghan] can’t just expect awards and adulation if they won’t put in more than the minimum amount of effort.”

The same PR expert also went on to address the need to go out and find even more projects outside of themselves, that ignite a spark inside of them.

In the eyes of Ms Owens, “they can take a leaf out of Obamas book who is producing content that rarely has anything to do with himself.”

Before concluding she also went as far as to add, “They also need to work at winning back public opinion by not complaining so much and showing that they can be worth the enormously massive deal they got from Netflix.”

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