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Prince Harry is acting like an ‘angry little turd’

Prince Harry is currently standing accused of ‘constantly throwing potshots at everyone’.

GT Communications founder Gemma Tognini issued these accusations and claims against the Duke of Sussex.

She got candid about the Duke’s actions with News.com.au entertainment reporter Bronte Coy, led by host Caroline Di Russo.

In the middle of this chat, Ms Tognini even went as far as to accuse Harry of being a “broken man-child” before adding, “He’s just an angry little turd throwing potshots at everyone.”

She also later went on to highlight the collective disbelief that exists surrounding Prince Harry’s transition from “Brit in royal exile” to a “real househusband of Montecito” and chalked it all up to their perceived lack of authenticity among the general public.

“The problem with authenticity is you’ve got to know who you are to be authentic…” she said before adding, “He doesn’t know who he is. How do you communicate genuine and authenticity to your brand… when you fundamentally don’t know it yourself?”

Before concluding she also linked most of Prince Harry’s problems as being mostly due to his zip code in Los Angeles. 

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