Prey Teaser Trailer Finally Unmasks the New Predator


The latest teaser trailer for Prey finally unmasks the new Predator, revealing his screaming, snarling face in all its monstrous glory. Titled “Hunt,” this latest footage comes courtesy of 20th Century Studios, and once again teases the vicious battle between the Predator and a Comanche warrior.

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg and written by Patrick Aison, Prey is the latest installment in the iconic Predator franchise. A prequel that isn’t quite a prequel, Prey finds the Predator landing on Earth for the first time. Ready for the hunt, the alien trophy hunter finds itself in the Comanche Nation in 1719 and comes face-to-face with a fierce and highly skilled warrior named Naru, who learns the prey she is stalking is a highly evolved alien with a technologically advanced arsenal.


This first glimpse of the latest iteration of the Predator bears many similarities with what we have seen from the creatures before, with a few changes. These changes are all very intentional, with director Dan Trachtenberg explaining why he felt that the design needed to undergo a few alterations this time around.

“The [original] design for me, though incredible, functionally it’s always been very top-heavy,” the filmmaker explained recently. “The head has always been so large to accommodate a person inside, especially when it was developed in the ’80s. This is now the most refined, most proportional head-to-body ratio that’s ever been. We actually were able to get the silhouette to be a little bit more anatomically correct. Frankly, it’s the smallest, slimmest, I think, of the Predators, though still a hulking alien creature.”

Trachtenberg did not dream small when bringing the Predator back to screens, with the director hoping to create the scariest version of the movie monster yet. Something which is clearly teased in this latest glimpse. “I wanted [the Predator] to be scarier than we’ve seen it before,” Trachtenberg said. “It’s intelligent and it has advanced technology, and that makes it even more difficult to take on.”

Prey Has Been Met with Rave Reviews After Premiering at San Diego Comic-Con


Prey has now premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con, with lucky viewers having since taken to social media to heap praise on the Predator’s latest outing. Many have called Prey the worthy successor to the 1987 original (something which Predator fans have been waiting decades for), with others even saying that it goes above and beyond the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic.

“#PreyMovie is phenomenal. It’s the sequel the Predator franchise needed and manages to stand on its own. I’ve loved Amber Midthunder’s work and it makes me so happy to see her thrive. So happy to finally get to talk #Prey,” said one audience member. “I honestly think #Prey might be the best Predator movie. Not since the first movie, just best, period. It’s got all the tense action, but it adds compelling characters, Amber Midthunder as Naru is a revelation, It’s Predator broken down to its core elements and rebuilt better,” adds another.

Starring Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro, Stormee Kipp, Michelle Thrush, and Julian Black Antelope, Prey is scheduled to be released by 20th Century Studios as a Hulu original film on August 5, 2022.


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