‘Predator’ Fans Share Hopes for Future Films After ‘Prey’


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The surprise hit Prey has renewed interest in the decades old franchise Predator and breathed new life into it. After the success of the show, fans are already looking forward to where the storied horror sci fi epic will go next.

Over on the subreddit r/Horror, fans are debating what they would love to see in future Predator movies. For the uninitiated, Prey is a prequel to Predator and it’s set in the 1700s and centers around a young Comanche woman Naru.

The fresh setting set off a new world of possibilities for what’s possible and fans are pretty excited about that. User u/undefeated_Equality said they want it to continue down the path it’s currently on, and said there are a couple different places to take the story from here.

After seeing the Dan Trachtenberg directed prequel/sequel film “Prey” or “Skull” as it was known as an alternative title, it was really interesting to see a new take on the Yaujta species, since this one was from a different tribe of the species. Dan Trachtenberg has stated that he wants to pursue sequel ideas in the intent of taking the narrative to places not explored in the IP before. Different timelines and settings too, since Prey had explained the P2 flintlock pistol, I think that would be the best direction to take this tbh. Some of the settings I’d love to see in a sequel Predator film would be Feudal Japan, During WW1 or WW2, during the Medieval Knight Era in Europe, and possibly a winter setting for the Yaujta to hunt within

One user jumped on the idea of historical settings. “Feudal Japan would be really cool. You could also do some fun stuff with the American Civil War.”

The World War setting idea resonated with a few different fans, including u/myvariantcover.

“Honestly would love to see a ww1/2 predator movie where the predators are just like “oh this is where the action is” and somewhat get overwhelmed by the shear magnitude of those wars, caught up and killed in ways they don’t expect but are still a threat to the characters the movie is focusing on. Like a predator being menacing then just evaporated by artillery. The most brutal hunters in the galaxy naively jump into a meat grinder,” one user said.

User u/redditondesktop also liked that idea.

I vote WW1. You know that story about how the soldiers had a truce on Christmas day? Take that story but make it also include them doing the truce to kill the Predator. Then you know history covers it up or whatever and says it was just a happy Christmas story in the middle of a war.

User u/hugostiglyts was more funny than helpful.

i think they should do a crossover with the fast and the furious franchise.

Basically a 90 minutes high octane pursuit, Predator vs Dominic Toretto.

Possible title, Predator: Hunting Tracks.

OP is really into the feudal Japan idea.

Absolutely, and I’m kind of happy that there have been discussions with Dan about where he wants to take the franchise moving forward. Give me WW2, or Samurai era Predator film with another species variant of the creature.

The new Feral Yaujta from a different tribe was a really cool feature.

Here’s a cool idea: Vikings! Suggested by u/Lol_jk_Omg.

Right before the pandemic started my friends and I were discussing how one of our favorite things about the predator was the giant genre shift of going from this action movie to a monster slasher movie.

We came up with the idea of the predator taking on Vikings but for most of the movie you think you’re watching a kind of historical action film with a few fantastical elements that are kind of inexplicable but tied into Viking lore and mythology. Once the predator is introduced at the end you realize that maybe some of the Viking mythology is based on him. I ended up writing a script but was a little disappointed when I heard about prey (not that I have any real chance of making a predator film lol but still.)

After all, we still don’t know what happened to the group of about 115 English settlers who sailed to Roanoke in 1587. One user supernovamads has thoughts about that too.

“Oh now you’ve got me thinking… What if they did a predator movie set in the Roanoke VA colony.”

You can read the whole thread over on Reddit. Prey is currently streaming on Hulu.


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