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“Years ago, I worked for a shady company with a misogynistic environment as part of an executive team that reported to the CEO. The team had been created solely to improve the company culture and employee retention. However, leadership would not heed any of our advice. They were a tech company that severely underpaid its employees and refused to use technology. Everything had to be printed out, including emails. Time-off requests had to be filled out by hand before being submitted first to your manager, then to your department’s accountant ā€” who had to calculate how much time off you accrued by hand ā€” and lastly to HR. Then, HR would submit it to be signed by the CEO and the payroll department. Within six months of joining, the entire executive team quit. A year later, the company went from 120 to 70 employees.”

“When COVID hit, things really got crazy. The company made employees jump through so many hoops to get WFH approval. I had already left, but several coworkers contacted me to be a reference. Almost everyone I hung out with left within a few months of our team quitting.

I know the company is still around, but I don’t think they’ll ever acknowledge that their stuffy C-suite and outdated management style are why they have such high employee turnover. It was very much a ‘good ol’ boys club.'”


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