Nope Final Trailer Reveals Plot Details of Jordan Peele’s Mysterious Sci-Fi Horror


The final trailer for Get Out director Jordan Peele’s mysterious next project, Nope, at last reveals more details of the central plot. So, if you wish to remain in the dark about Nope, we advise that you look away now. The footage, released courtesy of Universal Pictures, once again asks “What’s a bad miracle?” and reveals the horrors that will befall Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya on their small town ranch.

Academy Award winner Jordan Peele disrupted and redefined the modern horror with Get Out and Us. Now, the filmmaker reimagines the summer movie with a new pop nightmare: the expansive horror epic, Nope. While Nope has been shrouded in mystery ever since it was first announced, this newly released footage certainly gives us a better idea of what to expect. Finally confirming in no uncertain terms that Nope will involve an alien invasion.


Nope will center on the residents of an isolated town in California, among them ranch-owning siblings James and Jill Haywood, who are tormented by the presence of an unidentified flying object. Also known as a UFO.

Nope Finds the Ranch-Owning Symbols Attempting to Capture the Aliens on Film

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Of course, simply involving a UFO is not enough to carry a whole movie, and thus the plot begins when Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out, Judas and the Black Messiah) and Keke Palmer’s (Hustlers, Alice) siblings James and Jill Haywood trying to make some money after spotting the flying object hovering over their ranch. After witnessing the peculiar shape in the sky, the Haywood siblings decide to make the best of the situation, with the pair attempting to capture the UFO on film. Setting up cameras, they are determined to prove the existence of the aliens, with Jill remarking “Ain’t nobody gonna get what we gonna get,” says Jill. “Undeniable proof of aliens on camera.”

However, unaware that they are living in a Jordan Peele movie, things do not go well for the Haywood’s and their best laid plan, as their activity enrages the aliens. Attacking the town in all sorts of bizarre and terrifying ways, Nope will seemingly turn from a scheme between siblings to an all-out science fiction horror flick.

Until now, almost everything about Nope has been a mystery. Including the title. “The film is a ride. The title speaks to the idea of the audience reacting to what they’re thinking and feeling in the theater,” Jordan Peele explained back in April. “When you tell people it’s a scary movie a lot of time they say NOPE. So I want to acknowledge those people with the title and bring them in. This is about the person who thinks they don’t love the horror movie. To show them that maybe they do.”

Written, directed, and produced by Jordan Peele under his Monkeypaw Productions, Nope stars Steven Yeun (Minari, Okja), Michael Wincott (Hitchcock, Westworld), Brandon Perea (The OA, American Insurrection), as well as Barbie Ferreira, Donna Mills, Jennifer Lafleur, Andrew Patrick Ralston, and Keith David alongside Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer.

Nope is scheduled to be released on July 22, 2022, by Universal Pictures.


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