Mister Miracle Just Revealed The Funniest Weapon in DC Comics

A business deal involving toys went sour for Mister Miracle, but he made the best of it, and created the funniest weapons in the DC Universe.

Spoilers for Future State: Superman: Worlds at War #2 ahead!

Being the DC Universe’s premiere escape artist, Mister Miracle knows a thing or two about being resourceful – and when a business venture sours, that resourcefulness is put to the test, leading to one of the funniest weapons in comics today. The story, a backup feature in Future State: Superman: Worlds at War #2, is written by Brandon Easton with art by Valentine De Landro and colors by Marissa Louise, is available in stores now and on all digital comics platforms.

There are two notable versions of Mister Miracle, both created by Jack Kirby: Scott Free, the son of Highfather, is one of them, and perhaps the best known, thanks in large part to his critically acclaimed mini-series by Tom King and Mitch Gerards from 2018. Shiloh Norman, Free’s protégé, also dons the mantle every so often, as his most notable appearance to date was in Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers epic, helping thwart the Sheeda’s attempt to “harrow’ our universe. He has appeared sporadically since and recently made his full-on return in Future State, where readers learn that Mister Miracle can make the best out of any bad situation.

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Mister Miracle is investigating a mysterious alien spacecraft. He boards it and is promptly attacked by its crew. Needing a distraction, he produces some flash-bang grenades and uses them to blind the aliens. This may sound like nothing special – Batman uses similar devices – but what distinguishes Mister Miracle’s gadgets are their origins… they began life as action figures. He reveals that a former manager convinced him to invest in a line of toys with his likeness. The toy line bombed, and he was left with boxes upon boxes of unsold toys, he took them and repurposed them as flash-bang grenades that he could use against his enemies.

Mister Miracle makes the best out of the saying “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” The idea of a hero investing in an action figure line with his likeness may seem dubious to start with, but when he (unsurprisingly) loses his shirt on the deal, he is still able to make the best of it. His flash grenades may have saved his life on board the alien ship. Plus, the action figure/grenade combo may be one of the most unassuming weapons in comics today. Considering they were instrumental in saving the day, Mister Miracle got his money’s worth on the action figures after all.

Losing tons of money on a toy deal might be the end for some, but Mister Miracle is able to take that loss and make it work for him, and manage to save Earth in the process.

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