Marvel’s Spider-Man Spinoffs Insomniac Must Make After Wolverine

Insomniac Games delivered a massive shock to the heart of the superhero gaming genre with 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, and the studio seems to be planning to do it again with Marvel’s Wolverine, but there are countless other heroes and IPs worthy of the Insomniac treatment. It’s arguable that other Marvel characters like Venom might be more deserving than Wolverine when it comes to getting their own big-budget video game, and there are even many heroes and villains who have yet to appear in the gaming space in any major way. Marvel’s Wolverine has a lot of promise, but there is a wealth of cool opportunities lying within other subjects.


Per the accounts of Insomniac’s own developers, the studio was essentially granted carte blanche when it came to choosing which hero to build a game around, and Insomniac chose Spider-Man. This is a reasonable choice, to be sure, but there may have also been a desire to go with a more well-known hero, one who has already received a number of his own video games over the years. Insomniac is now branching out with Wolverine, a hero with the potential to head the most violent X-Men game ever.

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Still, there could be gamers and comic fans with a desire to see a bit more of Marvel’s diverse cast of characters in an Insomniac game. Luckily, both Marvel’s Spider-Man Insomniac releases make numerous references to other Marvel characters, confirming that heroes beyond Spider-Man exist in this new Marvel universe. As such, it would be relatively simple – from a lore/storytelling perspective, at least – to introduce new, playable heroes at the center of their own games after Marvel’s Wolverine has had its time in the sun. There is plenty of room for experimentation when it comes to gameplay as well, especially if Insomniac went with one of Marvel’s more underpowered heroes.

Daredevil Would Bring Marvel’s Spider-Man Fans Back Down to Earth

While Spider-Man gracefully swings through the air at breakneck speeds and Wolverine employs an overpowered healing factor, Matt Murdock’s Daredevil could inject a bit more gritty realism into the Insomniac superhero universe without being too limiting. As is the case with many superheroes, Daredevil boasts just as much brains as brawn, often using his calculated, deductive reasoning skills to track down criminals and solve mysteries. This high-level intellect is surpassed by his physical and sensory capabilities, however, as Daredevil has mastered several martial arts techniques, and a video game with him at the center could even allow players to switch between various combat styles in a similar manner to Dante’s stances in Devil May Cry. This could set a Daredevil game apart from one starring Spider-Man or Wolverine, as there could be a far greater focus on hand-to-hand combat and less of an emphasis on superhuman feats of strength.

Marvel’s Spider-Man expanded Mary Jane and a handful of other characters, which was a step in the right direction when it came to better representation in gaming. However, a Daredevil game could take this even further by starring a blind hero, something that is mostly unheard of in the AAA space. Insomniac would have to be thoughtful and respectful when implementing radar-sense or other elements of Daredevil’s blindness, but it could certainly lead to an interesting, diverse video game protagonist.

A Hawkeye Game Could Add High-Tech Precision To Spider-Man’s World

Hawkeye has already appeared in Marvel’s Avengers, but it’s arguable that the character didn’t get a chance to truly shine in this role. For one thing, he was introduced via a narrative expansion, not playing a significant role in the bulk of the Avengers story, and he was also placed in an action-packed plot that didn’t give him room to develop. This stands in stark contrast to the Webhead, whose game allowed players to engage in worldbuilding activities like finding Spider-Man’s various backpacks, which each gave gradual insight into the character. Comic series like Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye have proved that the character is more than just a charming sidekick, and a Hawkeye video game would give him the limelight he deserves.

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On that note, Fraction’s run on the character offers a solid foundation for a video game. The series has already influenced the Hawkeye TV show, but that came with the baggage of Jeremy Renner’s version of the character, who had an extensive backstory that was different from his comic equivalent. One of the best parts of Fraction’s Hawkeye, especially the early volumes, was the fact that Hawkeye effectively filled the role of the boots-on-the-ground, friendly neighborhood hero, as characters like Spider-Man have taken up more ambitious, high-stakes adventures. A Hawkeye game could serve up a more intimate, relatable story, while also offering fun gameplay opportunities. Marvel’s Spider-Man introduced the Advanced Suit which featured sci-fi-level tech, and a Hawkeye game could use this same approach when designing in-game versions of the character’s comically wide assortment of specialty arrows.

An X-Men Game Is the Natural Next Step After Marvel’s Wolverine

A video game starring not just Wolverine, but the entirety of the X-Men would be the most obvious way for Insomniac to continue expanding its superhero gaming universe. While it’s unrealistic to expect Marvel’s Spider-Man-quality gameplay for every member of the X-Men, Insomniac could conceivably focus on perhaps three or four playable heroes in a story that featured the broader roster of characters. Important and powerful psychics like Emma Frost, Jean Grey, and Charles Xavier might be tough to implement from a gameplay perspective, but a team consisting of characters like Storm, Beast, Iceman, and Cyclops could offer mechanics that are enjoyable while still easy for players to wrap their heads around. From a narrative standpoint, the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine could lead to this X-Men game.

If Insomniac continues its trend of providing highly polished, successful superhero games, it’s likely that the studio will keep getting opportunities from Marvel. Assuming this happens, there is essentially limitless potential for cool, unexpected video game subjects, some of whom could even blow the in-game versions of Spider-Man and Wolverine out of the water. This potential is present when it comes to both gameplay and narrative, as there are countless popular Marvel characters with well-established powers and backstories. Indeed, future superhero games backed by Insomniac’s talented team of developers could be even better than both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Wolverine.

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