Everything To Know About Stephen ‘Stravy’ Traversie

Summer House fans would like to learn everything there is to know about Stephen ‘Stravy’ Traversie and his relationship with Lindsay Hubbard.

Fans of Summer House would like to learn everything there is to know about Stephen ‘Stravy’ Traversie. The new addition to the Hamptons group is making a splash as he tries to win back his girlfriend, Lindsay Hubbard.

Stephen looks like he is living his life to the absolute fullest, and fans want a piece of it. Currently, Bravo fans are watching the New Yorker trying to win back Lindsay after a painful breakup where she frankly felt he was a mediocre boyfriend. Most viewers would disagree with her assessment, but the two have seemed to have found their way back together after a week’s worth of flower delivery’s which must have cost a fortune and one grand gesture of love circa the 1980s.

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If you were to look Stravy up on his LinkedIn profile, it would show that he is the Senior Director of Marketing at a restaurant and nightlife company that “develops, owns, and operates many of the world’s most recognized restaurants and entertainment venues.” Before working at the big firm, he worked with other marketing jobs and made quite a name for himself. Those familiar with the marketing industry know that he could be earning around $300,000 a year. It is easy to imagine that he is earning at least six figures since he can rent a house in the Hamptons, enjoy lavish dinners and trips, while also spoiling his girlfriend. Fans know he works hard since he often can be found locked in his room on the computer.

Many Bravo fans may not know that before he made it on the reality show, he had testicular cancer back in 2016. The reality star recently posted about his struggle on his Instagram. Thankfully he is in his sixth year of remission and is looking toward educating others. Sadly, it does not look like he and Lindsay made it out of the house as a couple. Even though fans have currently watched them reunite, his social media shows the couple’s last picture together marked as October 2020.

Like most of the other men on Summer House, Stravy enjoys staying in shape and will need to put his best self forward after a long run in the chaotic house. Although the couple called it quits after a year of dating, fans do not think he will struggle to find a new partner since he came across as a true gentleman.

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Summer House airs on Thursday at 9 pm EST on Bravo

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