Do Adam & Laura Remember Any Of Their Past Or Future?

The Adam Project’s time travel rules and timeline leaves a big question: do Adam and Laura remember any of their past or future together?

Warning: SPOILERS for The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds’ Adam and Zoe Saldana’s Laura are reunited in The Adam Project‘s ending, but whether or not they remember their past or future together is left unclear. The relationship between Adam and Laura is one of the lynchpins of Netflix’s sci-fi movie, as Reynolds’ character originally travels through time to try and find out what happened to his wife. While Laura dies in 2022 helping Adam and his younger self travel to 2018 to stop time travel from being invented, The Adam Project ends with a tease that they’ll be together in the future still.


Once the movie’s villain is defeated and the Adam Project is destroyed, the ripple effects of Sorian previously changing the past and future eventually took effect. The Adam Project’s ending shows young Adam living life with his mom, but there is also a scene from 2050 when Reynolds’ adult Adam is in school. This is where he meets Laura for the first time in the new future, although it happens the same way as before. Laura and Adam’s quick exchange sets up the possibility that they will once again fall in love. The Adam Project’s time travel rules mean they shouldn’t remember anything from their prior relationship, but there is room to believe they do – or will.

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Adam and Laura might not remember the specifics of their past and future that The Adam Project shows, but Laura believes that portions of their memories will be retained even after the timeline changes. She refers to this phenomenon as “echoes” and suggests that these seemingly forgotten experiences can draw them back together. The Adam Project implies that her belief is true. This means that Adam and Laura don’t remember the years of being married, that Adam doesn’t remember the pain of Laura’s supposed death in 2018, that Laura doesn’t remember spending four years alone until finding Adam again in 2022, and that neither of them remembers their reunion and goodbye. Instead, Ryan Reynolds’ Netflix movie indicates that these full memories were erased due to the timeline changing but remnants of these experiences can echo through their fixed points in time.

The final scene between Adam and Laura provides one glimpse of these echoes. Laura and Adam meet because she goes to the wrong classroom as the guest speaker. As they joke about the situation, Laura mentions that she is lost, and Adam jokes back that he has found her. It’s a moment that echoes on their past reunion, as Adam and Laura found each other in the past originally and once again during Adam’s 2022 time travel stop. The moment positions Adam and Laura’s relationship as something that is meant to happen on almost a cosmic level. They are meant to find each other and start a life together, even if it doesn’t involve time travel anymore.

The Adam Project introducing the idea of echoes could leave room for Adam and Laura to fully remember their past and future, though. If memories of their previous lives are buried in their souls, it is possible that the echoes will grow louder over time. Focusing on these echoes could allow the two to unlock their prior memories and experiences with each other. This could be beneficial for The Adam Project 2’s story, as a sequel would be better off having its main characters remember what happened before. Perhaps understanding these echoes and remembering what else occurred will be the inciting incident for Adam and Laura’s next adventure.

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