‘We Are Living Things’ Seeks Truth in UFO Experience

Starring Xingchen Lyu (Chuyao), Jorge Antonio Guerrero (Solomon), and directed by Antonio Tibaldi, We Are Living Things has won 2020 Best Project at Focus Asia (Far East Film Festival’s pitching forum), 2021 Official Selection Festival du Cinéma Américain de Deauville, and is an Official Selection at the 2022 Slamdance Film Festival.

The official synopsis reads, “Mysterious Solomon is an illegal Mexican immigrant living in the back lot of a recycling plant in Brooklyn. By chance, he meets Chuyao. Shunned by her father for believing that she was abducted by a UFO, she has fled China. Alone in the city, she is involved with a pimp who puts her life in danger. Solomon takes drastic action to save Chuyao, setting the stage for the two fugitives to run from the law and head to Arizona. Once in the desert, Solomon must confront his past demons. Chuyao gives him renewed hope for the future and together they search for answers in the skies.”


The exclusive trailer begins by giving us a peek into the drastic measures Solomon takes and unwinds as he and Chuyao search adrift for the truth in their experiences. You can watch it below.

‘We Are Living Things’ Exclusive Trailer

“We Are Living Things is the story of underdogs and outcasts, a theme that has added urgency in today’s political climate. The drama is set in the United States with two illegal aliens as its main characters. Solomon and Chuyao meet accidentally. As events unfold, the characters begin to sense that they ‘know each other from somewhere else,'” teases Tibaldi. “They both have had powerful experiences that seem to indicate hidden dimensions behind reality, but they don’t know what to make of these experiences or how to share them.”

Guerrero’s previous work includes playing the lead actor in Roma, the winner of the best foreign-language film at the 2018 Academy Awards. He has played roles in Netflix’s Narcos and Crime Diaries: The Candid since. Lyu is also no stranger to the screen, having won Best Actress award at the Shanghai International Film Festival with Folk Songs Singing in 2011.

“Our story is an ‘out of time’ ironic fable with a science-fiction element that acts as a metaphor, yet we hope our films also captures something very immediate about the world we are living in right now, the ‘funhouse mirror’ reality we have come to know. It also touches on the current national and global controversies over migration, protectionism, and border patrols,” says Tibaldi.

We Are Living Things is produced by Mokexing Pictures, EnMaze Pictures, Aim Media, We Productions, No-Permits Produktions, Morning Star Pictures, Berta Film, and Radical Plans.

TVCO is handling international sales of the film.

Via: Enmaze Pictures

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