Val Kilmer Reacts to Iceman Appearance in Final Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

For a long while, there were a lot of questions over whether Val Kilmer would be returning to his role of Tom “Iceman” Kazansky in Top Gun: Maverick, but the new trailer has featured a first look at Kilmer as “Admiral Kazansky,” which fans have been ecstatic to see. While his appearance in the trailer is just a photograph and a name check, there is no doubt that the star will make an appearance in the film, although it is expected to be a short one in light of the actor’s health issues. However, Kilmer himself shared the latest trailer on his Twitter account and was happy to comment in the only way fitting to the moment.


“Here we go in 3…2..1,” Kilmer wrote. “Top Gun Maverick Official Trailer #iceman signing off.”

Top Gun: Maverick is one of the longest delayed movies that was originally due to release just as the Covid pandemic hit in 2020. After numerous date changes and a couple of false starts when the film seemed set to release last year only to be pulled at the last minute due to surges in the Omicron variant of Covid, the Tom Cruise-led sequel will finally make its cinematic debut on May 27. While the belated return of Maverick may seem like it is perhaps a little too late in coming, the film has managed to build up some hype and seems set to not only be a hit but also be the beginning of a new franchise in the Top Gun universe.

While Cruise was always a certain return to the franchise, with the movie bearing his character’s name in the title and all, there are very few other connections to the original 1986 film, but the inclusion of Kilmer’s Iceman was something that was not originally in the movie at all. However, behind the scenes discussions between Cruise and the writing team ultimately led to the conclusion that Maverick’s story needed Iceman, and therefore he was brought back into the story, although, as noted, it is expected to be in a limited capacity.

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After Almost Four Decades, Top Gun Maverick Is Ready to Go Full Nostalgia Into The Future

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Along with Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Top Gun: Maverick is both a throwback to another generation and a potential ground-tester to see if there is more life in the franchise that has retained its iconic status for so long. While there is no confirmation that the new movie will lead to a new Top Gun franchise, which would likely see a whole new, young group of pilots take to the skies on their own merits without the support of Cruise’s gung-ho character, Paramount is very interested in adding new content to their Paramount+ streaming service, and this could form part of it.

The future of Top Gun essentially relies on the nostalgic pull of the 80s, the star power of Cruise, and even in his limited role, Kilmer, and a new generation taking the franchise to their hearts in the same way their parents did all those years ago. If the movie is a hit after its long journey to cinema screens, then there is little doubt that it won’t be anywhere near as long before we see another Top Gun project heading into development.

Tom Cruise Really Wanted Iceman in Top Gun: Maverick: We Have to Have Val

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