The Adam Project Trailer Shows Ryan Reynolds Uniting With His Past Self on Netflix This May

Young Adam’s future is coming for him much quicker than he thinks in the first full trailer for Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi adventure, The Adam Project. Starring Ryan Reynolds and newcomer Walker Scobell as the older and younger versions of the titular Adam, the movie sees Reynolds re-team with Free Guy director Shawn Levy for what looks like a funny, emotional, family-driven action-adventure. You can check out the trailer for The Adam Project below.

Unveiled by Ryan Reynolds himself through his YouTube channel, the newly released footage centers on a 13-year-old Adam as he navigates his way through school and bullies, before being awoken in the night by a mysterious noise. Adam discovers the older version of himself, played by Ryan Reynolds, injured after a crash landing which comes as a result of him traveling from the future and into his own childhood. What follows is a charming cavalcade of Reynolds and Scobell quipping and connecting amongst a variety of sci-fi and action sequences.


The trailer features Ryan Reynolds doing what he does best, making deadpan jokes, but this time around the actor seems to be much more in full-on hero mode as he takes his younger self on a dangerous adventure of self-discovery, as both versions of Adam are brought face-to-face with their father, who passed away during Adam’s early childhood.

The Adam Project is as Much a Family Driven Story as it is a Sci-Fi One


Adam’s father, played by Marvel star Mark Ruffalo, is crucial to the story, and could hold the answers needed to save the future. Aside from the fight sequences fought with neon-blue futuristic weaponry and all the humor expected of a science fiction venture starring Ryan Reynolds, The Adam Project will also bring the tears thanks to the family dynamic at play.

Ryan Reynolds has since revealed that the movie will echo certain elements of his own life, particularly when it comes to his reasons for always lightening the mood. “The humor that Adam uses in the movie echoes certain aspects of my own life, which is that it’s a defense mechanism,” Reynolds explained. “It’s a defense mechanism from allowing anything in and trying to deflect. And of course, part of the journey that he’s on is to lower that shield.”

Directed by Shawn Levy and written by Jonathan Tropper, T.S. Nowlin, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin, The Adam Project stars the likes of Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldaña, Catherine Keener, and Alex Mallari Jr. alongside Ryan Reynolds, Walker Scobell, and Mark Ruffalo.

The Adam Project is due to hit Netflix on March 11, 2022. The first reactions to The Adam Project have praised the movie’s approach to the various themes involved, with some calling Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy’s latest collaboration the perfect 80s throwback. The Adam Project is just one of several major projects on the horizon for Netflix, including spy thriller The Gray Man, whodunnit sequel Knives Out 2, fantasy adaptation Slumberland, and Enola Holmes 2, all of which are due for release throughout 2022.

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