Supernatural Comedy Marks Justin Long’s Directorial Debut

The Brothers Long, Justin and Christian, have taken time in between producing their fan favorite podcast, ‘Life Is Short,’ to create their first feature film sharing writing and directing duties. The first trailer for Lady of the Manor sees Judy Greer as the ghost of Lady Wadsworth who is disgusted by the haphazard way she and her historic home are being displayed by the slacker, Hannah, played by Melanie Lynskey. Then along comes Justin Long’s Max, a history nerd, who lends Hannah a hand. I love it already.

Justin Long describes the movie as such. “It’s about a woman, a slacker-stoner character, who gets a job as a tour guide in an antebellum manor in the South. She dresses up as the lady who lived there, and the ghost of the woman whom she’s portraying gets offended by how she’s being portrayed. She’s a proper Southern lady, and this crass stoner ‘fornicator’ is playing her. That’s what brings them together, and it becomes an odd-couple comedy.”

“We grew up watching buddy comedies, from Laurel and Hardy to Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Seeing our version of a buddy comedy come to life feels like a dream come true,” he says.

“On top of that, getting to work with true professionals like Melanie Lynskey (I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore.), Judy Greer (Arrested Development), Ryan Phillippe (Brothers by Blood), Patrick Duffy (Dallas), and Luis Guzman (Boogie Nights) was such a thrill. We feel so lucky to be buoyed by such talented, kind, collaborative people on our first feature. We hope people like it!” the brothers add.

Justin Long must not need much sleep, as he is juggling multiple projects this year including voicing Roboto in Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation, who he has worked with before, if any of you remember Tusk. How could you forget? If you haven’t seen it, even if I told you the storyline, it wouldn’t ruin the spectacle. Get thee to the couch for a disturbing ride.

He also lends his voice to multiple characters on Bill Burr’s animated series F Is for Family, which follows the Murphy family back to the 1970s, when kids roamed wild, beer flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV. And AGAIN, he voices Mr. Skunkmeyer in Archibald’s Next Big Thing Is Here, about a chicken who improvises his way through life but always finds his way home to his three siblings and trusty sidekick.

If you’re a fan of the brothers’ ‘Life is Short’ podcast, their feature film debut should be right up your alley. The brothers have chronicled the making of their film throughout the guests appearances, and their chemistry, sense of humor and seamless partnership can’t help to lend to film. While you wait for the new buddy comedy, might I suggest taking a listen to The Talk’s Jerry O’Connell’s guest appearance on their podcast where you can listen to how the brothers met their Stand By Me idol, and then became BFFs. Lady of the Manor will hit theaters, On Demand and digital on September 17.

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