Netflix’s The Sea Beast Brings Monster-Sized Trailer

Netflix is off to the high seas! Earlier today, the service launched a trailer for their upcoming film, The Sea Beast! The trailer and synopsis can be viewed below.

In an era when terrifying beasts roamed the seas, monster hunters were celebrated heroes – and none were more beloved than the great Jacob Holland. But when young Maisie Brumble stows away on his fabled ship, he’s saddled with an unexpected ally. Together they embark on an epic journey into uncharted waters and make history.

The Sea Beast is written and directed by Oscar winner Chris Williams (Moana, Big Hero 6, Bolt). Neil Benjamin, who co-wrote the screenplay, also serves as producer with Jed Schlanger (How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World). Joyce Arrastia (Rise of the Guardians) is credited as editor and the score will be by Mark Mancina (The Lion King, Tarzan, Brother Bear, Moana). Starring in The Sea Beast will be Karl Urban (The Boys) as Jacob Holland, and Zaris-Angel Hator (The Power) as Maisie. Joining the two in the voice cast are Jared Harris (Chernobyl, The Crown), Marianna Jean-Baptiste (Without a Trace, Homecoming), Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts), and Kathy Burke (Absolutely Fabulous, School of Roars).


Inside The Sea Beast

The Sea Beast by Netflix

The Sea Beast seems to promise us two things from the trailer. Those two things are big monsters and adventure. That sounds like a winning combination! The film seems to harken to the swashbuckling pirate era of cinema, where the likes of Sinbad and Black Beard graced the silver screen. But what this film also promises, and it has an advantage on this due to being animated, are the cool monsters the characters will be facing! Despite the shots being brief in the trailer, we already see a pretty wide variety of cool monster designs, ranging from giant snouts to bright colors to even crab claws. Along with that, we get up close and personal with them in more ways than one! The trailer does a fantastic job to let you know that these things are HUGE and DANGEROUS, the stakes really are high for our characters when they set off on the high seas!

The film was initially announced back in 2018 (then titled “Jacob and the Sea Beast”) by Chris Williams and is a big first step for him. The Sea Beast will be the very first film where he is credited as the solo director. During the announcement, Williams expressed excitement about starting the project.

“‘Jacob and the Sea Beast’ is the kind of story I’ve always wanted to take on. It’s a tale of high adventure where our hero leaves the known world and ventures out into uncharted waters. As it turns out, I’m doing the same thing.”

While Williams expressed fondly of his previous company, Disney, he was excited to be stepping to Netflix to begin this project. He isn’t the first to jump from the Mouse to Netflix. Other former Disney employees that have jumped to the streaming service to do personal work include Del Carmen (Inside Out), Nancy Kanter (Sofia the First), and Kenny Ortega (High School Musical).

I feel a great energy at Netflix, as amazingly talented artists from a wide variety of backgrounds are coming together to build something new.

The Sea Beast will be docking on Netflix, with quite a tale to tell, on July 8th!

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