Being James Bond Documentary Trailer Revisits Daniel Craig’s Run as 007 on Apple TV+

Relive the journey of Daniel Craig’s time as 007 in Being James Bond, the new documentary releasing soon on Apple TV. After many significant delays, the 25th Bond movie, No Time to Die, is set to release in theaters in October, featuring the fifth and final performance of Craig in the role. From the beginning to the end, Being James Bond provides a behind-the-scenes look at the actor’s run as 007, and you can watch the trailer below for a sneak peek.

“I think I was overwhelmed,” Daniel Craig can be heard saying in the trailer, speaking on the success that came with playing James Bond. “My world had turned upside down. But I’m incredibly proud and I’m incredibly fortunate to do this.”

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Craig first appeared in the iconic role in 2006’s Casino Royale, which set the new record at the time as the highest-grossing James Bond movie. The actor would reprise the role for the 2008 sequel Quantum of Solace, by this point firmly established as the new face of James Bond. He would suit back up in the tux for Skyfall in 2012 and Spectre in 2015, and back then, he considered hanging it up with a four-movie run. He even said at the time that he’d rather “slash [his] wrists” than play Bond again.

Eventually, Craig would come to change his mind on that decision. He has since explained that this is because he realized his incarnation of Bond didn’t exactly have proper closure. With No Time to Die, Craig had the opportunity to end his run in the role in a way that’s more satisfactory to him as an actor coming to the end of this journey. Fortunately, he feels that he’s done his job and is now ready to say goodbye with the release of No Time to Die.

“There is no point in making excuses about it, but it was two days after I finished shooting the last movie,” Craig later told Stephen Colbert of the wrist-slashing comment. “I went straight into an interview and someone said, ‘Would you do another one?’ And I went, ‘No.’ And instead of saying something with style and grace, I gave a really stupid answer.”

In a separate interview with Empire, Craig later added: “If that had been it, the world would have carried on as normal, and I would have been absolutely fine. But somehow it felt like we needed to finish something off. If I’d left it at Spectre, something at the back of my head would have been going, ‘I wish I’d done one more.’ I always had a kind of secret idea about the whole lot in my head, and where I wanted to take it. And Spectre wasn’t that. But this feels like it is.”

Being James Bond starts streaming on Apple TV on Sept. 7. Craig fans can then look forward to catching his final performance ever as James Bond when No Time to Die is released in theaters on Oct. 8 in the U.S. Fans should probably enjoy the moment because it will likely be a few years before production begins on the next Bond movie. The new trailer for Being James Bond comes to us from James Bond 007 on YouTube.

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