Addison Rae & Tanner Buchanan Give Teen Classic A Twist

The trailer for He’s All That has finally arrived. Singer and Social media influencer Addison Rae is getting ready to shut off her phone and get behind a bigger screen. That’s right, she’s heading to Netflix! Today, we have the first official look at this reworking of a teen comedy classic along with the first poster.

In what is described as a reverse She’s All That, He’s All That follows social media influencer Padgett Sawyer, played by real-life social influencer Addison Rae, as she goes through a complete and total disaster of a break-up. For some, break-ups are quick and easy, but for popular girl Padgett Sawyer, her world is about to be turned upside down. After catching her Rock Star boyfriend in the throws of an affair on live social media, her life is instantly flipped upside down. As her popularity dwindles, Padgett devices a scheme to win back the internet, and in order to do that, she will have to find a new boyfriend and turn him into Prom King.

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IMDB’s official tag for He’s All That reads, “A teenage girl sets out to give a nebbish classmate the ultimate high school makeover. An updated remake of the 1999 film, She’s All That.”

He’s All That will be directed by Mark Waters. You may remember him from movies like 500 Days of Summer, Freaky Friday (2003) and Mean Girls. It was written by Rosalind Wiseman and Tina Fay, both known for creating Mean Girls the movie and the musical.

He’s All That stars Tiktoker and social media influencer Addison Rae, She’s All That alum Rachel Leigh Cook, Cobra Kai breakout Tanner Buchanan, Madison Pettit from Disney Channel’s Life With Boys, and also from Disney Channel Peyton Meyer from Girl Meets World. He’s All That is set to release on Netflix August 27, 2021. With the powerhouse crew and cast, predictions are already in that this will be the next big Teen romantic comedy from Netflix competing with the Never Have I Ever trilogy and The Kissing Booth Trilogy.

In every reboot you have one question, how will this movie differ from the original? First, it looks like her girlfriends are going to be the ones to find Padgett Sawyer a new love interest, but the trailer hints that there is more to the story. Padgett’s journey to bring back her fame is taken in a different direction than she lets on. As the film’s trailer progresses, it reveals that she goes through a self exploration journey to find out who she is, and who she will or will not love.

Earlier today Addison Rae took to social media to talk about her excitement for the trailer’s release. She goes on to write, “HE’S ALL THAT TRAILER. WELL, HERE IT IS!! The official trailer for @HesAllThatMovie!! I honestly don’t know how to explain. The way I feel watching this. I want to say a special thank you to Mark Waters and R Lee Fleming Jr, Netfli, Miramar, all of the producers, my insanely talented co-stars and every single person on the production who helped bring this film to life. August 17th only on @Netflix!! #hesalltahtnetflix.” You can check put the poster and Addison Rae’s social media post here. The movie arrives on Netflix starting August 27, so not too long from now.

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