A Police Officer Engulfs In Guilt After An Accidental Killing

A Shot Through The Wall has finally received Vertical Entertainment as the distributor for its official U.S. release, and its first trailer for the audience is out. Directed by Aimee Long in her directorial feature, A Shot Through The Wall has been doing wonders at various film festivals for the past one year, before landing Vertical Entertainment for nationwide distribution of the film in the United States. The trailer, crisply edited, brings out the broad context of the story to the light, which explores a meta of socio-cultural issues pertaining to race and police violence.

The film’s trailer begins with the depiction of its premise. Mike Tan (Kenny Leu), a Chinese-American cop is in pursuit of a suspect with his partner. As the suspect enters an apartment and draws to a corner, Mike pulls out his firearm and shoots; however, the bullet ricochets and fatally strikes an unsuspecting Black individual, through the wall. As the news break of a police killing of a Black man, the situation goes worse with protests and media manipulation putting Mike’s life and that of his family in an unprecedented scenario. As Mike tries to gather himself throughout the trailer, the film takes us through his psychological and emotional conflict as he engulfs in remorse.


The trailer seems intriguing and forces the viewer to engage in a conflict between seeking justice for the victim and understanding the standpoint of the said perpetrator; with the topic of racial bias making the core of the story, as well as of the characters’ arcs. The film’s trailer has been cut to reflect the current racial-political stance in the U.S., which had stumbled in the past year due to similar incidents. The film itself takes the idea from a real-life incident, that occurred in 2014, and escalated into a widely publicized trial.

Despite the film taking on sensitive subjects, the trailer seems to root itself into the protagonist’s plight while telling more than one story through characters, especially Mike’s family, which includes his multi-racial, all standing in support of him. The trailer of A Shot Through The Wall puts out an impression that provokes the audience to view an intricate incident from two different vantage points, with a significant emotional aspect attached to it.

A Shot Through The Wall, directed by Aimee Long, stars Kenny Leu, Ciara Renee, Tzi Ma, Fiona Fu, Dan Lauria, Clifton Davis, and Lynn Chen. The film has premiered at New York Asian Film Festival and Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival earlier this year and will release in select theaters and video-on-demand on January 21, 2022.

After an accidental shooting of an innocent Black man in Brooklyn, Chinese-American police officer Mike Tan must wade through his profound guilt as he attempts to navigate the complicated worlds of media, justice, and racial politics.

Written & Directed By:

Aimee Long


Kenny Leu, Ciara Renee, Tzi Ma, Fiona Fu, Dan Lauria, Clifton Davis, and Lynn Chen




89 Minutes

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