Michael J. Fox Opens Up on Parkinson’s Struggles in New Documentary


Apple TV+ has released the official trailer for Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie. Directed by Davis Guggenheim, Still previously screened at Sundance to rave reviews, scoring a near-perfect approval rating of 98% at Rotten Tomatoes. The documentary film combines new interviews with archival footage and scripted elements to help tell the life story of Michael J. Fox, from his rise in show business to his Parkinson’s disease struggles up to the plans he has for the future. You can check out the new trailer below.

“I was big, I was bigger than bubblegum,” Fox says in the trailer, coupled with clips of some of his most famous roles.

While the film celebrates Fox’s accomplishments, it’s not without its drama, as the trailer touches on how the beloved actor first began to experience issues related to his Parkinson’s disease. He reflects on telling the news of his diagnosis to his wife, who has since remained by his side, through thick and thin. Fox also details delaying the public announcement of his diagnosis for as long as possible, hiding the symptoms with medication until they could no longer be hidden.

“I woke up and noticed my pinky auto-animated,” Fox recalls. “I told Tracy the news. ‘In sickness and in health,’ I remember her whispering. No one outside of my family knew.”

Fox continued, “There was only one reason I took these pills… to hide. But, all those years of hiding was shaking me awake. To deny that part of me that wants to continue to go on and do things, is to quit.”

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Michael J. Fox Is One of Hollywood’s Most Beloved Stars

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As Fox says in the trailer, he knows he’s a “tough son of a b*tch,” and you’re not going to see any disagreements on that here. It’s one reason why the Back to the Future star is so adored and respected, going beyond his on-screen work and how Fox serves as an inspiration for so many others. For the fans, the doc will provide the best look yet into Fox’s life on both sides of the screen.

The official synopsis for Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie is as follows:

“A short kid from a Canadian army base becomes the international pop culture darling of the 1980s – only to find the course of his life altered by a stunning diagnosis. What happens when an incurable optimist confronts an incurable disease?”

Still will be released on Apple TV+ on May 14, 2023.


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