Messiest Yachtmance’s In The Below Deck Franchise


The Below Deck franchise is full of messy romances between the crew. While some try to make it work, the yachting life is hard on relationships.

Yachtmances are inevitable when castmates work so closely together in the Below Deck franchises, and more often than not, they turn into messy situations. Some of these hookups start before filming, and while the yachties tried to keep things on the down low, their romances eventually became public knowledge. However, most flings develop during the charter season after the Below Deck crew gets to know each other.

Sometimes already established couples work together, which can lead to tension in their relationship. Below Deck Sailing Yacht duo Ciara Duggan and Paget Berry had a strong bond that was tested when stewardess Georgia Grobler developed feelings for the First Officer. Malia White was unexpectedly thrown in with her boyfriend Tom Checketts in Below Deck Mediterranean season 5 after Captain Sandy Yawn fired Chef Kiko Hindrigo. Like most chefs, Tom was temperamental in the galley, and Malia found herself tending to him at the expense of her job.


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Many of the Below Deck crew members can agree that yachtmances are a bad idea. Most of them rarely work, and if they make it beyond the boat, they’re short-lived. However, Below Deck fans can’t fault the crew for trying. Although viewers can spot a messy boat romance a mile away, they can’t deny it makes for good TV.

Eddie & Rocky Below Deck Season 3

Eddie Lucas was in a relationship with his girlfriend during Below Deck season 3. However, the two were having issues throughout the season, and Eddie’s eyes turned towards stewardess Rocky Dakota. The two ended up hooking up in the laundry room, but afterward, Eddie gave Rocky the cold shoulder. The scorned stew told the crew what had happened between her and Eddie, but he denied the hookup ever took place. Everyone believed Eddie until he confessed to it during their final night together. Eddie lost the trust of his team, including Captain Lee Rosbach. He has since shared that he regretted his actions and worked hard toward redeeming himself.

Adam & Jenna Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 1

Chef Adam Glick and Chief Stew Jenna MacGillivray from Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 1 were instantly attracted to each other. However, Adam was hesitant to start a romance with a crew member, especially after having his heart broken by Below Deck Mediterranean’s Malia White. Adam’s hesitancy frustrated Jenna, which left her crying after he rejected her. When Adam finally decided to give Jenna a chance, their constant PDA had the crew gagging. Stews Madison Stalker and Georgia were over being bossed around by Jenna while she slacked off with Adam in the galley. The two yachties tried to make their relationship work after their season ended, but ultimately their differences caused them to split up.

Rob & Jess Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5

Rob Westergaard and Jessica More were hot and heavy from the start of Below Deck Mediterranean season 5. The two yachties declared their love for each other soon after meeting, and it seemed as if Rob and Jess were soulmates. However, Rob became distant and began playing head games with Jess, which led to her having a panic attack during a day off. Jess also got jealous when Rob and second stew Aesha Scott took a picture together, and it looked like she was touching his rear end. Jess invited Rob to go to Bali with her after the season ended, but he was on the fence until the very last minute. During the Below Deck Med season 5 reunion, fans learned that while he ended up going with her, Jess claimed their relationship was too “toxic” to last.

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