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Meghan Markle ‘can’t survive for long’: ‘Suffering massively’

Experts warn the ‘calculating woman’ that Meghan Markle is finally seeing a ‘massive reality check’.

Former palace aide Paul Burell issued these claims and accusations about the couple.

Mr Burell started the conversation off by pointing out how, “the bosses of Netflix and Spotify have given them [Meghan and Harry] a reality check.”

This is mainly because Mr Burell feels, “Not everybody is interested in Harry and Meghan, and it has become quite clear that their brand is suffering, and they need to rebrand to survive.”

Before concluding his conversation with the outlet, Mr Burell slipped in a compliment for the Duchess of Sussex and admitted, “Meghan is a survivor, a calculating woman, and a survivor. What will she do next?”

These admissions have come in response to similar claims by the former aide, who warns, Prince Harry has already “done his part” by attending the Coronation and attacking the Royal Family via a memoir, and now its Meghan’s turn to change the tide. 

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