Love Is Blind’s Micah Lussier Admits She Felt ‘Backstabbed’ By Irina


Following an apology from supposed “best friend” Irina Solomonova, Love Is Blind star Micah Lussier dished on her true thoughts over the matter. Micah fell for both Paul Peden and Kwame Appiah in the pods, with the segment ending in her breaking Kwame’s heart and deciding to move forward with Paul. After becoming engaged, Micah and Paul expressed that their physical attraction translated well in the second step of the experiment and demonstrated a healthy start to their engagement. However, things got a little rocky when Irina got caught acting rather flirtatious with Paul when the cast saw each other for the first time.

Love Is Blind’s Micah Lussier recently revealed in an interview with Parade how she feels about Irina’s flirty episode with Paul. Micah said that although she initially felt slightly “backstabbed” by her close friend and confidant, she was always willing to forgive her for what went down. Viewers witnessed the first time Micah confronted Irina about her flirty moments with her fiancé, and it didn’t seem to end well. Micah cleared that up and revealed that she respects that Irina “owned up to it” and has since forgiven her. “We’re all people, and you can’t just get down on someone time after time for just making a mistake,” she said.

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Love Is Blind’s Irina Claims She Never Had Any Intentions With Paul

Parade also spoke with Irina on the same topic. Irina said that she never actually planned on pursuing Paul in any way and that her actions were a result of excitement over her physical attraction to him. Irina has repeated the narrative that she didn’t necessarily “want” Paul, but her physical connection with him helped solidify her questioning over whether she wanted to be with ex fiancé Zack Goytowski, whom she made clear did not check her physical appearance box. Irina added that she is “completely embarrassed” by her behavior in Mexico and disclosed that she privately apologized to Micah.

When Micah approached Irina about the situation, Irina’s reaction was odd. She didn’t exhibit seriously apologetic words or body language, and she even hinted that Paul could potentially want to continue talking to her. Micah also raised a valid concern over whether the three of them could spend time together without her worrying about Irina’s intentions. The encounter left Micah and Irina’s outcome up in the air, as it seemed there was no way Micah would accept that response. Their decision to move past this makes more sense now that Irina said they have had private discussions about it, and Micah explained why she decided to ultimately forgive her.

Micah may have forgiven Irina, but whether they maintained the close friendship they had in the first few episodes of Love Is Blind season 4 is unknown. Micah’s concern over whether Irina could be trusted around Paul in the future is justified; that could be a reason to cut someone off entirely. Since Micah has seemingly begun to redeem herself as the season progresses, maybe she shouldn’t forgive Irina so easily for having done something so wrong. But it’s a generally constructive ending to an unideal situation, and that’s the most important takeaway.

Love Is Blind season 4 streams Fridays on Netflix.

Sources: Parade, Micah Lussier/Instagram


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