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John Cena trades in his shiny helmet and trusty desert eagle for a sharp suit, diplomacy, and… a metaphorical eagle?

Wrestler-turned-actor John Cena has certainly proven himself to be one of the most questionably patriotic superheroes on both the big and small screen. Now, for a slight change of pace, in lieu of (literally) executing diplomacy with violence and douchebaggery, Cena is trying it another way at the podium as an actual presidential candidate. A new trailer for Cena’s latest flick, The Independent (2023), has dropped ahead of its release to Sky Cinema in February.

The premise of The Independent centers around Cena’s character Nate Sterling, a young, charismatic man running as an Independent candidate for President alongside two older candidates heading up the country’s two most powerful and most polarized political parties. The setup across the board is a deadlock of principle over potential firsts. Either the country’s first female President or the country’s first elected Independent, unshackled from either red or blue. The film paints an ominously familiar picture of similar circumstances a few years ago in real politics, but either way, it shapes up as an attention-grabbing political thriller. A young, up-and-coming journalist named Eli closely follows the race alongside fellow columnist Nick Booker, and Eli soon unearths a financial coverup orchestrated by one of the candidates that could single-handedly jeopardize the entire election. Per the official synopsis of the film:


It’s the final weeks of the most consequential presidential election campaign in US history. America is poised to elect either its first female president (Ann Dowd) or finally break the country’s two-party gridlock with its first viable independent candidate (John Cena). Reporting history as it’s made, an idealistic young journalist (Jodie Turner-Smith) gets an opportunity to work with her idol, veteran Washington political columnist Nick Booker (Brian Cox). Eli is pursuing a story about budget cuts and by following the money she and Booker uncover a financial conspiracy that places the fate of the election, the country, and democracy in their hands.

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John Cena’s Comical Shift from Peacemaker to Politician


As most fans of superhero flicks know by now, John Cena is no stranger to politically-tinged characters. His hilarious and violently diplomatic character, Peacemaker, debuted in James Gunn’s rendition of The Suicide Squad (2021). A character who envisions himself as an ultra-patriotic vigilante that aims to achieve “peace” in his beloved country by any means necessary, he winds up jailed for his ambitions until bigwig Amanda Waller recruits him for the film’s plot-driven mission. As iconic as his costume that includes a chrome-plated “toilet bowl” helmet and an embroidered dove, of all animals, on his chest, John Cena made Peacemaker so popular to the point that he earned a spinoff series on HBO appropriately titled Peacemaker (2022), also directed by James Gunn. The show debuted to massive viewership and acclaim, and the second season is currently in development.

Of course, now Cena’s traded in the super suit for a regular one, and the transition is almost comically seamless. Just from the trailer, he looks to flex the role very well, and audiences will get the chance to see it when the film debuts on Sky Cinema on Feb. 24. The film has already premiered on NBC’s streaming service Peacock.


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