James Maslow Fights for America in Action-Packed Wolf Hound Trailer, Plus Key Art


David Holden (James Maslow) discovers a potentially devastating war plot after his B-17 bomber is shot down while on a mission over France in Wolf Hound. Along with Maslow in the cast are Trevor Donovan (90210) and John Turk (Transformers: Dark of the Moon). The action movie is directed by Michael B. Chait, who co-wrote with Timothy Ritchey.

The official synopsis reads: “Featuring action sequences using vintage aircraft, this thriller WWII epic shows how one man’s courage can change the world. On a recon mission over Nazi-occupied France, pilot David Holden (James Maslow) is shot down along with a B-17 bomber. He lands near an airfield, where he learns the Germans are loading the U.S.-marked aircraft with a city-destroying superbomb that could help Axis win the war. Now, Holden must evade search patrols and a vengeful Nazi soldier to rescue the captured crew and stop the doomsday plot.”


Wolf Hound is set to release in Select Theaters, On Demand, and Digital on June 3, 2022, before a Blu-Ray and DVD release on July 12. Ahead of that, we have an exclusive trailer. “One man can make an impact on this war,” begins Holden in the trailer. Bullets begin flying between his B-17 and enemy planes until he crashes to the ground. The Nazis’ plan to use U.S.-marked aircraft to carry a superbomb begins to unfold as we see cuts of fighting. “This ends now,” states Holden, a strong capstone to the trailer. You can watch it below.

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Exclusive Wolf Hound Trailer

In an interview with Variety, Maslow commented on how important this project is to him, “My grandfather flew B-17s in WWII and I’ve always wanted to play a pilot from that period of time. This story is remarkably similar to something he actually went through.” Prior to this film, fans of Maslow can recognize him from projects like Big Time Rush, Sequestered, or his most recent video-gamer comedy We Need to Talk.

Wolf Hound marks Chait’s directorial debut. “Getting the opportunity to direct such a talented cast and crew, and to tell a powerful story on an epic canvas for my first feature film, is truly both an honor and a dream come true… I want to give audiences an exciting, emotive experience with Wolf Hound, using our feel, style, and tone to put them right there with our characters in the middle of the action! I cannot thank Grindstone enough for their belief in our movie.”

Wolf Hound is rated R for violence, has a run time of 130 minutes, and is a production of Lionsgate. Additional to the trailer, we have key art that can be viewed below.


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