CLEVELAND, Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — iRxReminder, LLC, a pioneer in medical adherence technology, is thrilled to announce the enrollment of its first patients in the innovative  NIMH-funded study, the TDtect™ Diagnostic. The study leverages iRxReminder’s cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring technology and technology partner Videra‘s advanced machine-learning capabilities. The primary objective of this groundbreaking study is to validate automated identification of Tardive Dyskinesia, a potentially life-threatening adverse event associated with certain medications used by mental health patients.

iRxReminder, LLC announces the enrollment of patients NIMH-funded study, the TDtect Diagnostic.™ for Tardive Dyskinesia

Owen Muir, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at iRxReminder, expressed, “This study represents a significant stride in our commitment to enhancing patient safety and outcomes. We aim to detect these movement disorders early and prevent or minimize their impact.”

“By integrating real-world data on medication adherence from our IoT solutions with the predictive power of machine learning, we are venturing into a new frontier in healthcare,” added Fred Ma, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Operations Officer at iRxReminder.

The TDtect study is a collaborative multi-center research effort, with initial patients enrolled at the esteemed Charak Research Center in Cleveland, OH, and Fermata.Health in New York, NY. This marks a pivotal moment in automating medication monitoring with our IoT hardware and identifying adverse effects before they become irreversible. iRxReminder is working with the FDA to secure the device’s 510(k) Class II clearance.

Dr. Anthony Sterns, the founder of iRxReminder, emphasized, “Our collaboration with Videra and the involvement of Charak and Fermata ensure that we have the best minds and technologies working together. TDtect aims to make a significant difference in monitoring and addressing medication-related complications.”

The overarching objective of TDtect extends beyond the early detection of Tardive Dyskinesia; it also aims to create a responsive platform that facilitates timely intervention, ensuring patients receive the care they need precisely when needed.

For more information about iRxReminder, the TDetect study, or any related initiatives, please contact Larry Tusick at 440.668.2966, lctusick@irxreminder.com

About iRxReminder:

iRxReminder is a technology-driven company at the forefront of medication management and patient engagement solutions. With a focus on innovative approaches, iRxReminder collaborates with clinical and industry partners to ensure optimal patient outcomes and safety, lower costs of patient management, and boosting industry participants’ revenues.

About Fermata:

Fermata is a psychiatric clinic in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, specializing in accelerated transcranial magnetic stimulation and other novel treatments. Fermata offers a supportive and welcoming environment to help our patients feel at ease during treatment.

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58 N. 9th St.
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Brooklyn, NY 11249

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