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Y’all, I went my entire life having never experienced the glory that is Old Bay until I found myself somewhat unexpectedly living in the DC area (proximity to Maryland is key), and, well… you can now consider me an Old Bay convert. I will straight-up vacuum down anything that has Old Bay in, on, or near it. A little tangy; a little spicy… it’s basically the perfect spice combination.

Promising review: “Makes recipes even better! We use Old Bay in lots of dishes and without it, the recipes do not taste right. There are lots of things you can leave out of some recipes and it still tastes good, but for some reason when Old Bay is missing, it is not good.

Old Bay is one of those unique seasonings that makes a dish taste right. Fish, shrimp, scallops, chicken, Cajun dishes, and much, much more. If you use Old Bay, you know what I mean. There is only one Old Bay, and that is the original. Nothing can replace it. If you have never used Old Bay, try it out, you will use it always.” —Repro63 

Price: $3.39+ (available in eight sizes and individually or in multi-packs)

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