How to develop a start-up to a scale-up business

Let’s assume that you already have a startup going and now you are looking to “scale up”. The first thing to keep in mind is that the foundations that determine whether a startup is even scalable, are set in the very beginning. The plan to scale-up should be in place from the start with the basics: launching an MVP (minimum viable product), market research, a solid team, and a product that fits the market. Scaling is more than just growing though, it is about adding value, products and services to make your customers’ life easier, without increasing costs. The right time to scale up and the way each startup will do it is unique and based on what you have built so far, cash flow, team dynamics and what your concrete goals are for the near future.

Startups tend to be more relaxed in nature, making the workplace more of a communal experience, with flexible hours, increased employee interaction, and flexibility. Startups tend to also have better workplace benefits, such as nurseries for children, free food, and shorter workweeks.

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