Heroes Rise in Thrilling Conclusion


Star Trek: Prodigy comes to a thrilling and bittersweet season one conclusion. The ragtag group of young misfits rise to the occasion but face significant losses. “Supernova – Part Two” has the Protostar crew making a desperate sacrifice to save Starfleet. They prove their heroism, and in a stroke of clever hologram thinking, open a path to find a treasured lost friend. I must admit to getting misty-eyed. That’s a rare feat for animation.

Spoiler AlertIt’s epic destruction as the Protostar crew watches the Starfleet armada rip itself apart. An exasperated Gwyn (Ella Purnell) says nothing can be done. They can’t stop the Living Construct’s signal. The Federation will be annihilated. Dal (Brett Gray) has a different idea. They destroy the Protostar.


Jankum Pog (Jason Mantzoukas) disagrees, the Protostar core would cause a supernova that incinerates everything within fifty million miles. Hologram Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) confirms his reasoning, but Rok (Rylee Alazraqui) has an ingenious plan. Destabilize the core at the exact moment they jump. The energy wave would be dissipated across space-time. Zero (Angus Imrie) believes they can spread the damage through dozens of light years.

Hologram Janeway says they can make a shuttle craft with the vehicle replicator, and then eject before detonation. Dal reminds the autopilot controls are fried. He courageously volunteers, “I am the captain of this ship. I will stay behind. Admiral Janeway (Mulgrew) is true to her word.” His dear friends will be allowed to join Starfleet Academy. Something he could never do as a genetically engineered augment.

Hologram Janeway has another suggestion. Dal granted her his command codes. Rok interrupts, she can’t die, she’s their friend.

Hologram Janeway instructs them to copy her program on an iso-linear chip. Then take her with them. She can be in two places at once.

The battle continues to rage in space. Admiral Janeway on the Dauntless watches as the Protostar flies away, “They’re saving us all.” The Protostar goes to impulse. Jankum Pog rigs the core to jump and detonate at the same time. The quickly replicate a basic shuttle with life support and simple navigation. But Hologram Janeway knows her program is too big to be copied. She lies to Dal and gives him the chip.

Hologram Janeway’s Sacrifice


Hologram Janeway assumes command of the Protostar. Murf (Dee Bradley Baker) hugs her goodbye. Jankum Pog doesn’t feel right destroying the Protostar after all “the love they put in it.” Rok comforts him, they’re “letting a young star become what it was meant to be.” Hologram Janeway watches them jam into the shuttle, “It was an honor to serve alongside you.”

They float out into space. Everyone holds hands as Rok cries. They watch as the Protostar flies away. Hologram Janeway sits in the captain chair. She activates the core, “On my mark…ready…go fast!” The Protostar jumps to warp speed and explodes in a magnificent rainbow of colors.

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The crew marvels at the incredible spectacle. Back at the Starfleet armada, they regain control of the ships. Admiral Janeway orders a search for the Protostar. Her Andorian first officer says it will take months to find them. Admiral Janeway stops him, “They saved Starfleet. If they’re alive, I want to know.” She looks into space, “You got this far. Wherever you are, don’t give up now.”

On the shuttle, they try to load Hologram Janeway, but see a message file instead. She apologizes for lying to them. Rok gets upset. Her program got too large and complex for “a tiny little chip.” It wasn’t possible to remove her from the computer. They weep at her loss.

Hologram Janeway’s final words, “I did what I had to, so you could fulfill your potential. I am truly proud to see what you have all become. My only regret is not being there when you arrive on the steps of Starfleet Academy.” Rok’s worried they don’t have navigation. On cue, Hologram Janeway says she knows they will find their way, “Together your potential is infinite…go boldly.”

Starfleet Headquarters One Month Later


Admiral Janeway is briefed on what happened. A Vulcan officer calls the teens criminals, she shoots him down. They “saved their hides,” in her presence, the teens deserve respect. The Protostar explosion created a new wormhole. A mayday signal from Chakotay (Robert Beltran), fifty-two years in the future from Solum, sent warning of the Vau N’Akat attack. Half of his crew is still alive. Hologram Janeway, in her last moments, created the rift and pointed them in the right direction. Admiral Janeway wants to be on the rescue ship. An ensign interrupts them, a shuttle has crashed in San Francisco’s bay.

The Protostar crew stands before a Starfleet council. They are charged with stealing a Federation ship, impersonating its crew, and taking control of an admiral’s mind, among a litany of offenses. Admiral Janeway halts the tirade, the teens were to trying to warn Starfleet. The council can’t believe she wants them at Starfleet Academy, including the augment. The academy is not a space camp for children. This is unprecedented and reckless, regardless of their good intentions.

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Admiral Janeway takes umbrage at their tone, “One year ago, not one of them had ever heard of the Federation. They set their compass to Starfleet, without their intervention, not all of us would be sitting here right now.” Jankum Pog hoots in support. She continues, Starfleet created the Protostar to fulfill Federation ideals. There are no better living embodiments. Dal, who the council refused to call by name, has the “biggest heart of anyone in the room.” His genome consists of multiple Federation species. There’s no better example of their principles.

The teens wait outside for judgment. Admiral Janeway brings great news. All charges have been dropped. Fast-tracking non-citizens into the academy was unfair to qualified candidates, but they allowed five of them to become warrant officers in training. Placed under direct supervision of Admiral Janeway.

Gwyndala the Unifier

Dal congratulates his friends, but he was let in. Gwyn will not be joining them. First contact with Solum hasn’t happened yet. Starfleet has offered to help her return home. Zero calls her, “Gwyndala the Unifier.” The crew embraces Gwyn.

A montage shows Rok training to be a xenobiologist. Jankum Pog demonstrating his unique engineering skills. Zero getting a shiny white new containment suit. Admiral Janeway’s voice-over says, “They will find their place in an endless universe.” Dal and Gwyn sit together. She’s found Solum. Her father is still alive in this timeline. They kiss tenderly. Dal asks, “Promise me we’ll see each other again.” Gwyn replies, “We got this far didn’t we.”

The remaining crew, in Starfleet uniforms, watches Gwyn’s shuttle take off. A massive construction bay opens. Admiral Janeway joins them. They see the first ship of the new Protostar class. Dal wonders “if that’s our ship.” Admiral Janeway smiles, “Oh, I have a much bigger plan for us.” They excitedly follow her. Dal wistfully looks back as Gwyn soars into the sky.

Bravo! Series creators Kevin and Dan Hageman deserve a standing ovation. Star Trek: Prodigy was so much better than expected. I admit to being skeptical of the premise. They achieve a youth-oriented animated series that also appeals to adults and die-hard Star Trek fans. They successfully packed complex exposition into short episodes. Star Trek: Prodigy oozes with adventure and great character development. Dal and Gwyn’s first kisses. Hologram Janeway’s heroic sacrifice. These heartfelt moments were brilliantly executed. Star Trek: Prodigy sets a high bar for every show in the shared universe. Season two has strong footing. Chakotay, the cavalry is coming…

Star Trek: Prodigy is a production of Secret Hideout, Roddenberry Entertainment, Brothers Hageman Productions, Nickelodeon Animation Studio, and CBS Eye Animation Productions. All season one episodes are available on Paramount+.


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