Gal Gadot Relaxes in Front of a Fire as the SnyderVerse Burns to Ashes


via Warner Bros.

It would be real shame were the lasting legacy of Gal Gadot‘s contributions to the DCU to be Wonder Woman 1984 as her final major role playing the legendary hero, but everyone’s keeping their cards very close to the chest as to what the future holds.

Even though most people are expecting her to cameo in Shazam! Fury of the Gods based on the trailer, rumors abounded that her guest appearance in The Flash was left on the cutting room floor. Meanwhile, the Amazons are getting a James Gunn-approved prequel series in Paradise Lost, but there’s no word on whether or not Wonder Woman herself will be part of the ongoing overhaul.

In fact, thanks to the co-CEO stamping out any burning embers of a SnyderVerse resurrection before coincidentally proving his point by selling DC adaptation Dead Boy Detectives off to Netflix, it’s entirely fitting that Gadot has chosen to let her Twitter followers know that she’s chilling by a roaring fire, because the franchise she debuted in his turning to ash in her absence.

Gunn has played it coy so far when it comes to addressing Gadot’s Wonder Woman future head-on, but we’ve got the sneaking suspicion she won’t be partnering with Patty Jenkins for a threequel. That doesn’t mean she’s completely out of the picture, though, especially when the new regime has made it clear that we’re nowhere near discovering the entire eight-to-10 year slate of projects, so it’s time to cross those fingers tighter in the hopes Themiscyra’s mightiest warrior will return.


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