Fans Have a Surprising Theory for What Baby Yoda’s Race Is


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The race of Grogu (Baby Yoda), Yoda, and Yaddle is a complete mystery in the Star Wars canon and is referred to simply as “Yoda’s species.” However, one Redditor may have cracked the case by suggesting that this Jedi-affiliated species is called, well, Jedi!

That’s right. User Zer0ofTime believes that Yoda’s species is so ancient and Force-sensitive that it is the origin for the term “Jedi,” which is used primarily for the Galactic Republic’s order of Force-sensitive protectors. The Redditor cited the existence of an ancient race called Sith as proof that there could have been a light side counterpart called Jedi, to which Yoda-like beings belong:

In the time of the old republic there existed a race called the Sith who had a natural affinity to the dark side of the force. I believe that the name of Yoda’s race had been lost and forgotten over time because it became a more common term for light force sensitive users. My theory is that Yoda’s race is called the Jedi. All of the known species have been force sensitive with a natural affinity to the light side of the force.

“But officially no one knows!” the Redditor concluded.

Although a different Redditor, Snow-Khan99, had heard that theory before, they replied, “If [the theory] were canonized, I don’t think I would mind it. Probably the most interesting of ideas.”

Other responders like the idea, while some enjoy the mystery.

Redditor absurdcreatures subscribes to the Whill theory, which refers to the Ancient Order of the Whills, a natural origin for Yoda’s species:

4_Legged_Duck isn’t so sure:


They’ve said this isn’t the case and in TCW we see the Shaman of the Whills and there’s no connection to his species.

Whether you support this theory or have a different opinion, you can contribute to the discussion here.


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