Fans angered at SM Entertainment for canceling EXO EXIST pre orders

EXO released their highly-anticipated 7th full-album ‘EXIST‘ on July 10. And so far, they’re setting records as SM Entertainment‘s best artist on different charts such as iTunes, YouTube, TikTtok, Billboard, Melon, Spotify, and more. However, EXOLs are unsatisfied with SM’s “mistreatment” of EXO’s comeback.

The initial concern raised by the EXO-L fan community pertains to an apparent discrepancy in YouTube view counts. Despite Cream Soda’s music video claiming the top spot on YouTube Music’s Worldwide chart for a duration of at least two days, and EXO’s ‘Killing Voice’ performance amassing six million views within a mere two-day period, the music video shockingly registered a total of only ten million views over a four-day span. Responding to this anomaly, fans reached out to YouTube administrators. The administrators affirmed that the view count is associated with the SM Entertainment channel.

On a different note, EXO has garnered a remarkable 1.6 million pre-orders for their 7th full-length album. However, on the day of the sale commencement, fans were hit with emails from retailers announcing delays in album shipping. The cause, as stated, was the insufficient supply of album copies by SM Entertainment. Adding to the dismay, a subset of fans was taken aback by emails stating their pre-orders had been abruptly canceled.

Compounding the situation were the persistent appeals from the EXO-L US fanbase for a purchase link to buy ‘EXIST,’ the album, within the USA. Despite the announcement being made less than two weeks before the closure of pre-orders, the group purchases were unfortunately declared canceled. The sequence of events left a wave of disheartened fans, who had made strenuous efforts to secure album orders, only to see their endeavors come to naught.

Furthermore, SM Entertainment addressed the mounting complaints by attributing the debacle to past instances of “overstocking issues”. This response only served to stoke the fans’ ire, as they firmly believe the essence of a pre-order period is to afford companies a precise forecast of the number of albums that need to be produced and stocked, thus preventing such inventory-related fiascos.

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