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Even better, you get a $25 Target gift card when you grab one today.

The Dyson V8 Origin+ is a coveted cordless vacuum designed to be lightweight and easy to carry around the house. It can be used on floors, furniture and ceilings, and has an easy-empty design meaning you can release all the gross stuff you’ve sucked up with only the touch of a button.

A single charge will give you 40 minutes of cleaning time, and it has famously strong suction that works on both carpet and hard floors, sucking up fur, dust, crumbs, dirt and everything else. The vacuum’s washable filter traps allergens and finer dust as well, helping the air stay fresh in your home.

The V8′s versatile design allows it to transform into a small handheld vacuum for stairs or cars or countertops, and you can easily use it on ceilings, baseboards and other hard-to-reach places, as it’s not limited by a cord. Along with the vacuum itself, you’ll get a de-tangling cleaner head, a combination cleaning tool with a wide nozzle and brush perfect for cleaning your car, a crevice tool and docking station where it also charges.

Grab one today and enjoy the two-year warranty and endless years of a sparkling home — plus that $25 gift card with purchase.

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