FEV Tutor and Connecticut State Department of Education

WOBURN, Mass. – The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) has selected FEV Tutor as an approved tutoring service in the state’s new Connecticut High-Dosage Tutoring (HDT) Program. The HDT program is a new state initiative that aims to accelerate mathematics recovery for priority students in grades six through nine during the 2023-24 academic year. School districts that successfully apply to the program will receive a brief list of vetted and approved tutor providers, including FEV Tutor, as well as grant funds for implementing tutoring services.

The HDT program’s classification of “priority students” includes:

– Students with disabilities

– Students receiving free- or reduced-priced meals

– English learners

– Students performing below proficiency

– Students experiencing homelessness

– Students who have been chronically absent

“Connecticut’s 2022 Smarter Balanced assessment scores indicated that students in grades six through eight may be a year or more behind in math. Students classified as ‘priority’ are the ones most likely to be struggling to get back on track,” said CEO of FEV Tutor, Jim Tormey. “CSDE has selected a well-researched strategy to address those students’ needs. We are honored to have been chosen to be part of the state’s commitment to learning recovery.”

Since 2010, FEV Tutor’s targeted high-impact tutoring intervention has focused on accelerating learning outcomes for the hardest to reach low-performing students.

Today it offers a proven model for integrating with the academic ecosystem of partner districts and driving growth based on results that matter to educators. It takes a consultative and collaborative approach to designing personalized tutoring initiatives while grounding plans in districts’ core academic goals and initiatives, student demographic data, and pre-existing assessment results along with research pillars for effective tutoring from the Annenberg Institute. FEV Tutor’s offering also meets the Level Two Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the national education law that helps ensure success for students and schools. In addition, FEV Tutor earned the Research-Based Design Product Certification from Digital Promise and continues to pursue industry-leading product certifications and accolades.

The quality of FEV Tutor’s services has garnered broad industry recognition; in 2022 the company won a Tech & Learning “Back to School” Award of Excellence and an Educators Pick Best of STEM Award. It has also been recognized as EdTech Digest’s 2021 Cool Tool for Best Tutoring Solution and as the 2021 Best Tutoring/Test Prep App or Tool by Tech Edvocate.

“FEV Tutor has a track record of closing equity and achievement gaps for priority and high needs students,” added Tormey. “Every single student deserves access to learning opportunities, especially those that address learning recovery. This problem needs urgent and ongoing support, and we’re thrilled to partner with Connecticut districts to deliver best-in-class, live 1:1 high impact tutoring for their students.”

About FEV Tutor

Based in Boston, FEV Tutor is the leading research and evidence-based online tutoring platform working nationally to effect change in K-12 education. Its ESSA-approved programs are strategically designed in close collaboration with each partner school, district, charter school, and other organizations to accelerate learning for every student. FEV Tutor leverages technology to deliver 1:1 high-impact and transformative personalized learning pathways through live, virtual tutoring sessions. For more information on FEV Tutor, visit fevtutor.com or follow on Twitter

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