Andy Buckley of The Office Stars in Dramedy Most Guys Are Losers


Andy Buckley of The Office fame is the star of Most Guys Are Losers, the upcoming dramedy from Gravitas Ventures. On July 1, 2022, the movie will premiere in theaters and on VOD. To promote the release, MovieWeb is here to exclusively debut the official trailer, which you can check out below.

Most Guys Are Losers is based on the book and life of Denver bar owner Mark Berzins and cleverly reimagined by screenwriter Eric Ustian. Along with Buckley, the film stars Mira Sorvino, Paul Sorvino, Michael Provost, and Grace Fulton. Eric Ustian wrote and directed the film in addition to producing alongside Lene Amalfi, Anthony Clementi, and Mark Berzins. Evan Zissimopulos was the director of photography and Thales Correa and Connor Sweeney edited.


You can read the official synopsis for Most Guys Are Losers below.

Sandy’s new boyfriend, Bo, meets all the criteria for a good partner (and she knows it)! However, when she brings him home for the holidays, her dad, Mark, thinks he knows better. Bar owner Mark Berzins has seen decades of relationships-gone-wrong, and is determined to poke some holes in this one. A well-intentioned investigation into the new boyfriend leads to awkward misunderstandings, spilled secrets, and heartwarming moments. This intimate and humorous exploration of love, in all its forms, is an instant holiday classic.

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The Office Fans May Enjoy Andy Buckley in Most Guys Are Losers

Gravitas Ventures

Andy Buckley is best known for his role on The Office as David Wallace, boss to Michael Scott (Steve Carell). The actor has also appeared on many other shows, which in recent years includes Shameless, Avenue 5, and The Fugitive. He has also been showing up in movies like Bombshell and Distancing Socially. Most Guys Are Losers puts Buckley back into the spotlight with a main role.

“Most guys are losers, but there are some winners out there, and that’s how you find them. And that’s what the movie is about,” Buckley said of the movie, via KTLA5.

“But it’s certainly a holiday movie, it’s a feel good movie,” Buckley adds. “Mira Sorvino is magnificent, and her dad is in it there at the end, an American treasure. Keith David, another American treasure, whether you’re a Something About Mary fan or any other thing he’s been in.”

“To work with the Oscar Winner Mira Sorvino and her dad, Paul, was an honor,” Ustian has also said of the cast of Most Guys Are Losers, praising Buckley along with the film’s other stars. “Andy Buckley combines the comedic timing from his role in The Office, with a heart felt and nuanced performance. Thank you to the ensemble cast that includes the iconic Keith David, along with young rising stars, Grace Fulton, Belmont Camile, and Michael Provost.”

Ustian also said. “When you work with actors with such experience and talent, it is a joy to be on set, and it transcends to our heartwarming film.”

Most Guys Are Losers will be released in theaters and on VOD on July 1, 2022.


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