An Alleged Mario Movie Leak is Drawing Comparisons to Ugly Sonic


Following an alleged leak of Mario’s look in the forthcoming Mario movie from Illumination and Nintendo, the image has sparked debate amongst videogame fans, up to and including comparing and contrasting the more realistic look to the infamous (and since scrapped) Ugly Sonic design from the original Sonic the Hedgehog film.

The original supposed leaked image was shared in a Twitter post by the Twitch streamer known as ConnorEatsPants, who claimed the design came from a Mcdonald’s employee who shared it in Connor’s Discord chat.

Seemingly adding to the legitimacy of the image is the fact that the subtly altered gloves Mario has matches the official poster that was released for the film, in which Mario’s face is turned away from the camera.

Someone pointed out the cuffs on Mario’s gloves are different, and they match this image, seems like a tiny detail that’d normally be overlooked. This is probably real.

— Bakukirby (@WaterDemonBaku) October 5, 2022

“To be honest, there was apart of me that wanted them to mess up Mario’s design so like that we could get an Ugly Mario vs Ugly Sonic movie where they both battle for redemption,” remarked Matt Ramos on Twitter while sharing a screen grab of Ugly Sonic’s likeness as seen in the Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie.

To be honest, there was apart of me that wanted them to mess up Mario’s design so like that we could get an Ugly Mario vs Ugly Sonic movie where they both battle for redemption.

— Matt Ramos (@therealsupes) October 5, 2022

Ramos added he thinks Mario’s design looks “great” and that anyone who thinks it is comparable to Ugly Sonic was “tripping.”

The Mario design looks great btw and if you think it’s another Ugly Sonic situation you’re tripping.

— Matt Ramos (@therealsupes) October 5, 2022

However, not everyone was 100 percent on board with the design. “It’s fine but something’s off,” one Twitter user said.

Apparently, Mario’s face from the Mario Movie was leaked in a McDonald’s advertisment and I don’t know how to feel about this. It’s fine but something’s off.

— JOLLY J✨ (@DynamoSuperX) October 5, 2022

“It’s the collard shirt isn’t it?” one commentator suggested.

I didn’t even notice that. LMFAO

— JOLLY J✨ (@DynamoSuperX) October 5, 2022

However, a large number of videogame movie fans lambasted any equivalencies made between Mario’s design and the infamous Ugly Sonic design.

Y’all mfs are really over exaggerating Mario’s movie design bruh it’s fine. Uncanny sure but it’s still the guy we all know

I deadass saw people wsnting this to be a Sonic movie situation ???

— PownicMania (@PownicMania5000) October 5, 2022

Another fan even said they were “slowly getting used to the Mario movie design.”

ok, I’m slowly getting used to the mario movie design. I like it; it definitely could’ve been a lot worse, and it certainly isn’t “original sonic movie design” level of bad.

— idk i’m just here (@akiiame) October 5, 2022

Another videogame fanatic even said Mario’s supposed look in the movie is comparable to the version of his character design in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

We’ll all collectively find out if the leak was legitimate when the Mario movie trailer gets officially unveiled by Nintendo as part of their Nintendo Direct presentation on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 3:05pm CT.


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