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DC League of Super-Pets will have kids and adults alike chuckling from crazy furball heroics. The lighthearted CGI adventure tells the age-old tale of man’s, or in this case Superman’s (John Krasinki), best friend becoming second fiddle. Critter companions light up our world until someone else snatches that treasured top spot of love. Lois Lane (Olivia Wilde), the annoying girlfriend, moves into the fiancĂ© zone and slurps up all the attention. Krypto the Superdog (Dwayne Johnson) has to learn to make new friends while saving the day. DC League of Super-Pets elevates a middling plot with sly humor, a classic score, and moments of surprising tenderness.


On the doomed planet Krypton, Jor-El and Lara race to put their beloved infant son on a crystal ship to Earth. Young Kal-El cries as the dome closes. His Labrador puppy jumps in to comfort him. They rocket away as Krypton tragically explodes. Decades later in Metropolis, Superman and Krypto are revered heroes. Fighting crime with the Justice League and playing catch afterwards. It’s great fun for Krypto until that darn Lois Lane comes into the picture.

Superman recognizes that Krypto is jealous of his gal pal. He decides to adopt a rescue dog to keep him company. At the shelter, Ace (Kevin Hart), a boxer with a heart of gold, regales the other animals with tall tales of living on a farm. Only Lulu (Kate McKinnon), an angry hairless Guinea pig and former LexCorp lab rat, dreams of world domination. She gets her wish when Lex Luthor’s (Marc Maron) Orange Kryptonite experiment takes an unexpected turn. A goofy series of events gives the shelter animals amazing powers as Krypto loses his. The former superdog must rally a new team to stop Lulu and rescue the captured Justice League from her diabolical plans.

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DC League of Super-Pets Grabs Your Attention

DC League of Super-Pets grabs your attention from the opening credits with its rousing soundtrack. The film uses John Williams epic Superman theme at pivotal points. You’ll get goosebumps as Krypto, Ace, and their super-powered pals’ duke it out with Lulu. The rising crescendo and thundering score adds heft to the animation. This is a textbook example of how the right music invigorates a scene.

The Superman and Batman (Keanu Reeves) gags are hilarious. Batman’s brooding disposition gets a good ribbing throughout the film. The Dark Knight’s predictable grumpiness is prime fodder for mocking. Let’s just say he’s not too happy at Krypto’s choice of chew toys. Merton (Natasha Lyonne), a turtle who gains super speed, nearly steals the show with her barbed responses. Her dialogue gets bleeped when she strays into foul-mouthed territory. This is cleverly done and serves as a wink to the adult audience.

DC League of Super-Pets treads narrative water as the film progresses into the third act. It loses steam as the joke barrage runs out of ammo. That said, a heartwarming resolve ends the story on a high note. Ace reminds us that animals love unconditionally, and that affection needs to be reciprocated. Pets add joy to our lives. They also deserve happiness and our best efforts to care for them.

DC League of Super-Pets is a production of Warner Animation Group, DC Entertainment, Seven Bucks Productions, and A Stern Talking To. It will be released theatrically on July 29th from Warner Bros.


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