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BuzzFeed Shopping editor Katy Herman says: “One of my besties FULLY spoiled me for my birthday this year and got me this gorg special edition royal blue version of the famous Dyson dryer. I was skeptical, but it has blown me and my hair away. I hate gadgets and products that require a lot of setup or a learning curve. This was not that at all — I popped it out of the luxe storage case, fastened on the styling concentrator head, plugged it in, and it was ready to use in seconds. The three-speed, four-heat settings, and cool shot buttons are super user-friendly and no more complicated than on a regular hairdryer. What is different? The POWER. This thing truly lives up to the ‘Supersonic’ name with the power of the airflow, but is still relatively lightweight and just feels so luxe in your hand. I love the sound when you turn it off: it’s a so-quick “zip” of the air shutting off like the noise a cartoon UFO would make sucking up a cow from a field — it makes it clear how this thing can go from 0 to 100 back to 0 again, all without getting too hot. 

The magnetic head and detachable parts are also so cool — the magnet is strong but the heads easily snap on and off. I’ve really only used the basic styling concentrator head and played around a little with the smoothing, flyaway-busting attachment, but the Dyson YouTube channel has tutorials on how to make the most of all attachments. The dryer also comes with a gentle airhead for fine hair and sensitive scalps, a wide-tooth comb attachment for curly and textured hair, and a diffuser for defining curls and waves. Basically, anything you could need for a blowout is in this sleek box.

TL;DR: The Dyson dryer is worth the splurge because it can make pretty much every day a great hair day and, if you’re someone who regularly gets professional blowouts, will save you money on those in the long run. I have honestly been feeling more confident in meetings and fabulous in my outfits when I’ve got an epic Dyson blowout happening. So yes, life and style game totally changed.”

Shipping info: Shipping is free for all machine orders. In-stock orders placed before 12 p.m. EST Monday through Friday will ship the same day.

Get it from Dyson for $429.99

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