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It’s great for people with oily skin and hyperpigmentation when used as a face mask. Combine the powder with apple cider vinegar for the best results! Although, if you have sensitive skin, we definitely recommend starting with water.

*Of course, this mask should only be used externally!

Promising reviews: “I don’t normally leave reviews but this product is a game-changer! I have only used it one time and noticed results right away! This mask gets deep under your pores and removes all the dirt and bacteria. Combine with apple cider vinegar for the best results!” —Joidon Jennings

“This is my second time buying this and I love it. I use it for both my face and hair and it leaves them so soft. I have very oily skin and occasional acne but this clears it right up. Also my hair is thick and curly and tends to have product build up after long protective styles, and this clay makes it clean and soft. The only thing is that it’s a little messy but it’s powder so that’s a given. I will buy it again. ❤” —Tori

Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in two sizes).

FB thumb picture credit: Le Per on Amazon. 

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