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I’ve tried various (countless 😅) pimple patches in the past and Mighty Patch definitely takes the cake. I stick it on and honestly forget that it’s even there. The adhesive is strong, so it stays on during my tossing and turning at night, but I often wear it during the day, too! I work from home, and it’s not noticeable during my video calls, which I truly, truly appreciate. For more deets, check out my full Mighty Patch review!

Hero Cosmetics is an Asian woman-founded brand and home of The Mighty Patch. Ju Rhyu launched the brand in 2017, which has evolved with products such as cleansers, toners, nose strip Mighty Patches, and more!

Promising review:Using this product has been a game changer. It’s as if the adhesion of it literally pulls all of the bad stuff from the spot and you’ll know when it’s time to remove when it turns up white on your sticker — so easy to remove and my spot has went drastically down. I’m on my fourth box, or maybe fifth? They’re my go-to at the slightest spot I get to try to nip it in the bud. Might I add that my hormonal cystic acne spots have been majorly suppressed by these as soon as I feel one coming on, I take a hot washcloth to the area and put a sticker on overnight for a couple of nights and the deep underneath feeling of that spot is gone. I love these so much, and you will too.” —Deborah Hart

Get a pack of 36 stickers from Amazon for $10.77.

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