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To play, pass out all of the cards to players and have everyone keep their pile face down. Everyone takes turns putting a card in the middle while saying “santa,” “cookie,” “elf,” “candy,” and “snowman,” in that order. If the picture on the card that’s placed down matched the word that’s been said, everyone races to slap the center pile of cards, and whoever slaps the pile last has to add the center pile to their personal pile. Oh! And there’s also three wildcards with matching motions. Whoever does the motion last picks up the center pile. Whoever runs out of cards first wins! You can play with three to eight players, and the *recommended* age is 8 and up.

Andddd you could even grab the original, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza for even more fun.

Promising review: “We love games and this one is so much fun! Easy instructions and fast paced! All ages enjoyed this game and it’s a great stocking stuffer! The holiday theme is perfect! Would definitely gift this to any family for the holidays, though we are sure to play it year round!” —Kriston

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Get it from Amazon for $9.76.

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