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Promising review: “The ONLY SPF for my rosacea/acne-prone skin! Finally, the IDEAL daily sunscreen! I’m one of those unlucky ladies in her late 30s with sensitive, rosacea skin that also happens to be oily and acne-prone. Literally, every other moisturizer/sunscreen combo I’ve tried (even those labeled for sensitive skin) has either left my face red and irritated or super oily and broken out. And it didn’t matter if the sunscreen ingredients were chemical or mineral-based — my face just didn’t like any products with sunscreen. But by some miracle, I can actually use this Differin SPF moisturizer every day, year round, with ZERO negative effects — not even with my rosacea. It leaves me well-moisturized (but not too oily), breakout-free, and protected from the sun without any creepy white cast. Please, Differin, don’t ever discontinue or change this product; it’s taken me YEARS to find something like this that works.” —Lindsay

Price: $11.97

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