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This paw wax is made from food-safe oils and waxes that both protect and heal dry and cracked paws, so it’s A-OK for when your dog decides to lick! No worries if they lick right away — reviewers say this balm is fast-absorbing as well as moisturizing. 

Musher’s Secret is a third generation, family-owned business from Canada. Their recipe was originally developed for Canadian sled dogs, so they knew it needed to be effective.

Promising reviews: “Musher’s is the only paw balm I will use on my pets. I have tried others and they don’t even compare. When your dogs walk on all kinds of surfaces and have harsh weather, this is a lifesaver for your dog’s paws.” —Ashely H.

“I’ve only been using this for two days and I already see a HUGE difference in my Chihuahua’s paws. Sometimes, people forget that pavements can get very hot and don’t think twice about their dogs’ feet. It’s pretty hot here now, so I got this to protect my chihuahua’s paws. It’s odorless, easy to massage into doggy paws, and my dog isn’t even bothered by it at all! He doesn’t lick it and only smells it out of curiosity then goes off on his merry way. It doesn’t get on furniture, carpet, clothes, etc. It dries very fast. It smoothed out the cracks and dryness on his paws. As a bonus, he also loves being massaged when I’m applying it.” —Charmmy

Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

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