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The beginning of Harry Potter was very different from its latter installments — darker, more serious, and peppered with the deaths of beloved characters. As Voldemort grew with power, fans were ready to experience some loss. However, they were not emotionally prepared for losing some characters whom they were really rooting for, which was why nobody saw these deaths coming.

From favorites like Dobby to tertiary characters at Hogwarts, fans were extremely shocked to see these characters killed off. There was a big element of surprise in these deaths in Harry Potter.


Lavender Brown

Widely considered an annoying character in the series, Lavender Brown, or any character for that matter, did not deserve the end she got during the Battle of Hogwarts. Fans did not expect to see her mentioned at all in the battle, or they reckoned that they would see her safely on the other side.

Tragically, she was cornered by Fenrir Greyback, who was savage and merciless and killed her without a second thought. It was sad to think of the bright and cheerful girl falling prey to the werewolf.


Poor Dobby had one of the most heartbreaking deaths that hit fans very hard. He was one of Harry’s closest friends and biggest cheerleaders, and he really evolved into an aware house elf in his arc during the series. He had almost made it out of Malfoy Manor after saving the gang, but Bellatrix’s errant knife changed everything.

Nobody foresaw the knife actually hitting Dobby and him succumbing to his injuries in front of Shell Cottage. His loss was felt even more keenly because of its sudden nature.

Fred Weasley

The Weasley siblings were brave and warm, and because they were main characters in the series, nobody expected that one of them would be a casualty of war during the last moments of The Deathly Hallows.

Fred and George had been a big source of comic relief and familial love to Harry in the books, and they always came together in a pair. George getting his ear cursed off was considered a close shave, but his survival cocooned fans in a false security that the worse had passed. The explosion next to Percy and Fred took away one of the best Harry Potter characters.

Cedric Diggory

Robert Pattinson’s Cedric Diggory was considered an intriguing character, and there was much that fans could have learned about Cedric. Sadly, he was killed off in the same installment that he was introduced in, which was surprising because he had so much potential.

Cedric’s death was only the beginning of Voldemort’s second coming, and sadly, his death was the first of many that were about to follow. The intelligent young man had a whole future ahead of him which was tragically cut short by Voldemort’s cruelty.

Vincent Grabbe

Crabbe and Goyle were not the first characters on audiences’ minds, nor did they expect to see Crabbe’s fiery ending in the Room of Requirement. Since Draco was the one who led the group that tailed Harry as he looked for the Diadem, it was expected that he might get hurt, but Crabbe turned out to be a lot more evil than Malfoy.

He started the uncontrollable Fiendfyre, but there was still hope of him getting rescued. Fittingly, he perished in the fire of his own making, which fans were not anticipating at all as he was a reoccurring character and Malfoy’s close friend since the series began. More surprisingly, this death differs from the movies where Goyle lives this fate rather than Crabbe.

Peter Pettigrew

It was established since Harry’s third year that Pettigrew was a coward and Voldemort’s man through and through. He had committed unspeakable acts of violence against his friends, which was why the manner in which he was dispatched was quite unlike him.

When he hesitated to strangle Harry, his silver hand (Voldemort’s gift) turned on him and killed him for the shred of decency he displayed. This bravery was least expected from Wormtail, which was why his death was surprising. Unfortunately, this version of his death didn’t make it in the movies – either stunned or possibly killed by Dobby – adding another element of his unforeseeable future in Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Sirius Black

The fandom carries a lot of grief and sorrow for Sirius Black’s death because of how lovable he was and worthy enough for fans requesting his origin story. He was Harry’s only family (besides the Dursleys, who were unkind), and everyone was excited to see how Harry would cohabitate with his Godfather and spend his life with him in the picture.

When the skirmish at the Department of Mysteries seemed to be coming to an end, Bellatrix’s curse came out of nowhere, and Sirius’ disappearance into the veil left a void in the Potterverse. To make matters worse, there was no closure for his passing.

Alastor Moody

While the transportation of the Seven Harrys was dangerous, fans did not expect any large casualties, but they were proven wrong. Mad-Eye Moody got stuck with the most cowardly Mundungus, who fled the scene when Voldemort caught up with them, and left Alastor exposed to a lethal attack.

Sadly, his body couldn’t be recovered, but Harry did give a proper burial to his whizzing eye. Being as skilled and experienced as he was, Moody was expected to be the last person who would fall, but fall he did.

Florean Fortescue

The ice-cream parlor owner was always considered a very minor character, so when he was captured and killed by Voldemort, it was quite surprising. Turns out, he had valuable information on the Elder Wand and ancient lore, possibly Ravenclaw’s Diadem.

Generous Florean was killed for knowing too much, which was incredibly saddening because he had shown such kindness to Harry. Fans did not like hearing of his death.

Remus Lupin

Harry had lost almost everyone who was close to his parents, with the exception of Lupin. He was the only Marauder left who treated Harry like family, and gave him the guidance he needed. Sadly, he also lost his life in battle, next to his wife Tonks.

It was too awful to find out that another good man who loved and cared for Harry had passed on. He also had a new family, which was why fans were counting on his survival.

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